Protect Your Microsoft Azure Cloud Data with Confidence

The growing use of cloud services and increasing sophistication of cyber attacks drive enterprises to seek new solutions to protect their digital assets. This guide will walk you through the nuts and bolts of 5nine Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure.

  • How to Simplify and Secure Your SDN Network in Windows Server

    Network complexity can be avoided with the right SDN network management and security solutions. This guide will cover everything you need to know, from virtualizing networks to the SDN management and security solutions available to you today.

  • A 6-Step Azure Cloud Migration Checklist

    This guide will break down Azure migration phases to provide the knowledge you need for successful migration and optimization of your cloud environment.

  • Hyper-V vs. VMWare: How to Make the Right Decision without Breaking The Bank

    In this guide, we compare and contrast Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere and review important topics, such as licensing, out-of-the-box capabilities and more.

  • Hybrid Cloud Management – Solution Brief

    This comprehensive e-book provides an overview of 5nine Cloud Manager, the only platform that offers a unified, single access point for management, migration, monitoring, backup and recovery for the public, private and hybrid cloud.

  • Microsoft Cloud Services – A Complete Picture

    This comprehensive report covers the basics of Microsoft Cloud and beyond, from definitions, to services and security.

  • The In-Depth Kubernetes Tutorial

    This comprehensive Kubernetes tutorial is designed to help you adopt a mission-critical architecture that provides reliability and scalability to your virtual infrastructure.

  • Multi-Tenant Management and Security Best Practices for MSPs A Practical Guide

    In this guide you will find out why you should care about multi-tenancy, its benefits, best practices and practical guidelines for optimum efficiency.

  • Azure Security Center

    In this guide you will learn the fundamentals, with an overview of the main features and the top six reasons to build a security solution that works.

  • What is Hyper-V?

    Learn why Hyper-V is so cost effective and performance driven.

  • What is Microsoft Azure?

    Learn all about MS Azure, the fundamentals, tools and how to save money when using the platform.

  • 5 Signs SCVMM Isn’t the Right Fit for Your Datacenter

    This whitepaper outlines important challenges that clearly indicate SCVMM is limiting the benefits of virtualization.

  • How to Build an Enterprise-Grade Hyper-V Infrastructure on an SMB Budget

    This whitepaper provides step-by-step instructions for managing, securing and configuring a Hyper-V infrastructure without a high total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • 5nine Cloud Security Hardens Virtual Machine (VMs) Across Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure

    This whitepaper explains how 5nine Cloud Security’s multiple layers of defense protect your entire virtualized infrastructure.

  • Nano Server Administration using 5nine Manager

    This whitepaper explains how 5nine Manager can be used to remotely manage Hyper-V VMs and clusters running on Nano Server.

  • How to Overcome the Security Challenges of Hosting Hyper-V Multi-Tenant Environments

    This whitepaper reviews the security challenges that threaten public cloud deployments and the considerations hosting companies should examine. Topics include malware, firewall, compliance, intrusion detection and others.

  • Optimize Your Cloud. Understand the Power of Microsoft Hyper-V Security

    This white paper reviews the evolution of the modern datacenter and cloud infrastructure as workloads become more cloud and application centric.

  • Virtualize All the Things: A MSP’s Guide to Growth in 2017 & Beyond

    This white paper explores how MSP’s looking for rapid growth by customer acquisition need to view the Remote Management, Monitoring and Security (RMMS) solution they choose as a strategic investment.

  • Why Agentless Hyper-V Security is the Best Option

    This whitepaper reviews the reasons why organizations should consider agentless security as opposed to traditional endpoint security in virtualized environments.

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