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5 Linux Security and Management Best Practices for Microsoft Cloud Implementations

Tuesday | June 19, 2018
11 a.m. ET  |  2 p.m. PT

Linux Security and Management Best Practices

While Linux’s lightweight operating system tremendously improves performance, its benefits often come at the expense of easier management and comprehensive security. Virtualization and cloud administrators – especially those with limited scripting know-how – are frequently challenged by Linux’s command-line-only interface. Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V fully support Linux instances, but don’t provide the tools, training or support required to manage and secure Linux VM lifecycles.

Attend this webinar to learn how Robert Corradini, Microsoft MVP® in Cloud and Datacenter simplifies Linux management and security.

During the webinar you will learn tips, tricks and best practices for:

  • Access Control: How to successfully assign permissions for roles and tenants
  • Malware, Hacker and DOS Attacks: How to prevent and remediate security issues
  • Monitoring: How to properly monitor change management, traffic abnormalities and login attempts
  • Backup and Recovery: How to easily and automatically backup Linux workloads
  • Lifecycle Management: How to manage Linux VMs with and without a GUI

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Learn tips, tricks and best practices

Keynote Speakers

Robert Corradini
Microsoft MVP in Cloud & Datacenter

Ryan Oistacher
Managing Editor, MS Cloud Insider


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