Watch webinar online: 3 steps to securing your Hyper-V infrastructure

Webinar: 3 Steps to Securing Your Hyper-V Infrastructure by David Davis

Webinar \”3 steps to securing your Hyper-V infrastructure\”

We are happy to announce that video from our free webinar that took place on August 13, 2014, is now available. Virtualization expert and trainer David Davis held this webinar. David talked about three steps users must follow to protect their Hyper-V virtual infrastructure.

During the webinar, the following issues were covered:

1) First of all David Davis expanded on why default Hyper-V security isn`t enough for virtualized environment, especially focusing on the fact that local Windows Firewall doesn`t have any virtualization awareness and that in-guest AV solutions are poor choices for protecting Hyper-V infrastructure.

2) Then he walked through best practices for securing Hyper-V that are as follows:

  • Implement additional layers of Hyper-V security
  • Adopt host-based security tools
  • Utilize tools that are centrally managed for entire Hyper-V infrastructure
  • Ensure compliance

3) Moreover David Davis talked in detail about 3 steps of providing Hyper-V security and compliance:

Step 1 – how to utilize Virtual Firewall in Hyper-V. Common scenarios for this are:

  • Isolated VMs
  • Security groups
  • Traffic filtering

Step 2 – how to implement Agentless AV scanning for Hyper-V

Incremental AV Scan based on Changed Blocks Tracking. CBT technology allows processing only changed blocks of data in VM disk file during AV scanning. The benefit of this approach is that you greatly save your time and resources on AV checks.

Step 3 – how to use Hyper-V Agentless Intrusion Detection.

An integrated intrusion detection engine inspects packets for malware or malicious traffic and sends alerts as appropriate, providing deep application-level defense

Finally, David talked about 5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V that provide all security options mentioned above. 5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V is the only agentless solution providing agentless antivirus, high-performing stateful firewall and integrated intrusion detection, ensuring comprehensive protection of guest OS’s. This functionality is available in a compact management console providing centralized management and control of security and compliance of Hyper-V environment.

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