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V2V Easy Converter Version 8.0 Accelerates Transition to Hybrid or Public Cloud

V2V Easy Converter Version 8.0 Accelerates Transition to Hybrid or Public Cloud

We’re pleased to announce a major upgrade to 5nine V2V Easy Converter that will support companies looking to migrate virtual machines (VMs) to hybrid or public cloud infrastructures.

The new Version 8.0 of V2V Easy Converter will not only support conversions to Hyper-V and Azure, but will also now support AWS migration of virtual machines.

According to the 2017 Cloud Migration Survey Report by Cloud Endure, usage of the public cloud will increase by 28% year-over-year in the next two years, with private cloud usage also increasing by 15%. For this reason, it’s important that companies have the necessary tools and support they need to be able to successfully take advantage of these technologies. V2V Easy Converter Version 8.0 is the first step in 5nine Software’s plan to deliver a full suite of multi-platform resources to companies to help them migrate to, manage and secure their virtual environments.

5nine V2V Easy Converter Version 8.0 provides a non-intrusive, automated solution for migrating to AWS. Users can easily convert to private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Its low cost and ease-of-use enable organizations to quickly migrate VMs to a range of different formats from one, single package. It is optimized for production environments with its software-based and agentless design, requiring no additional hardware.

On top of this, the easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) guides you through each step of the AWS EC2 migration process using a “wizard” approach to ensure a simple and familiar user experience. 5nine V2V Easy Converter Version 8.0 scales for any size and topology of datacenter. It minimizes migration risks, provides IT and cloud teams with greater flexibility, and fills in gaps of native tools and competing solutions for Hybrid or Public Cloud environments.

5nine V2V Easy Converter Version 8.0 converts VMs up to 30-35% faster than the competition, provides the industry’s highest rate of successful VM conversions, and reduces administrative burden of managing intrusive agents.

To find about more about how V2V Easy Converter can help your business or start using the software today, click here.


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