Use 5nine from an Android, iOS, Mac or Windows Device

5nine Cloud Security and 5nine Manager both have rich remote management capabilities.  It is actually possible to use all 5nine solutions from your favorite mobile device or tablet, so long as the server running 5nine supports a remote desktop connection.  Here is a couple of screenshot I took managing 5nine Security through my iPhone.

5nine Security and 5nine Manager do not run directly on your mobile device, it must still run on Windows Server.  However using Microsoft’s free RDP app for your device you can protect and manage your virtualized infrastructure from almost anywhere.

Here’s the links to download the RDP app:

If you are managing 5nine Cloud Security using the Azure Pack Extension, this will also work on all devices.  All that is required is an Internet connection and web browser to leverage Azure Pack’s only Security as a Service solution from 5nine.


Symon Perriman

VP – Business Development

5nine Software


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