Your Top 12 5nine Manager Datacenter Questions Answered

We recently received lots of great feedback and questions from our How to Overcome SCVMM’s 5 BIGGEST Challenges webinar with Microsoft Hyper-V MVP, Symon Perriman. You asked, we answered.

Here are your top 12 questions answered:

1. How difficult is it to migrate from SCVMM to 5nine Manager Datacenter?

It’s not difficult at all! The exact difficulty does depend in part, however, upon the complexity of the current environment and the skill set and experience of the person or team carrying out the migration. 5nine Manager Datacenter is, in general, easier to deploy and use than similar offerings.

2. Does 5nine Manager Datacenter include a PowerShell module?

Yes, the 5nine Manager Datacenter console includes a PowerShell module. The majority of operations are available through PD cmdlets. It’s also possible to view generated PS scripts within the job details.

3. Does 5nine Manager Datacenter support RCT?

5nine Manager Datacenter uses its own CBT driver for incremental backups across Server 2012, Server 2012R2, and Server 2016.

4. Is backup at the VM level or at the application level using restore capabilities, such as SQL or Exchange?

Backup for 5nine Manager Datacenter is at the VM level.

5. Can you perform deployments from images and templates? Does 5nine Manager Datacenter provide support for deployments with Terraform?

5nine Manager Datacenter allows you to create VMs from templates. It does not support Terraform at this time.

6. Do you provide anything to efficiently manage SDNv2 installations?

We provide basic support for SDN Management. This feature is actively being developed by our product team. Expect more features to be added in release 3.0.N

7. Does 5nine Manager Datacenter support S2D or SET?

Not at this time, but continue to watch this space for future 5nine Manager Datacenter releases.

8. Does 5nine Manager Datacenter require agents on the Hyper-V host or VM or is it agentless?

Host agents are required to support distributed deployments.

9. Are you able to tie in monitoring of SANs like EMC, PUREstorage, IOPS measurements disk space, and iscsi saturation?

5nine Manager Datacenter provides support for monitoring all basic storage and performance indicators.

10. Does 5nine provide an equivalent to dynamic optimization?

Dynamic optimization will be included in 5nine Manager Datacenter 3.0.

11. Is it possible to implement micro-segmentation with Hyper-V?

5nine Manager Datacenter currently supports static logical groups. We are exploring providing support for dynamic groups built on object attributes. This would act as a form of micro-segmentation on top of SDN and potentially SDS.

12. Does 5nine Manager Datacenter 2.0 require a new, full install? Does the agent upgrade require host reboots?

5nine Manager Datacenter 2.0 is a smooth upgrade – no full installs or restarts required.

Still have questions about 5nine Manager Datacenter? Please feel free to reach out and let us know.

Missed the webinar but want to learn more? You can access the recording at any time from our Upcoming and On-Demand Webinars page. In this webinar, Symon presented tips, tricks and best practices for overcoming SCVMM’s biggest challenges and gave a live demonstration on how 5nine Manager Datacenter 2.0 can be used as cost-effective, time-saving and easy-to-implement alternative to SCVMM.

Robert Corradini is a three-time Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP with over 20 years of experience managing cloud and datacenter technologies. He is currently the Director of Product Management at 5nine and focuses on bringing world-class cloud security and management solutions to market.

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