What Customers Say

5nine Manager

5nine Manager simplifies the lives of those who do not use the SCVMM, including by all versions with management capabilities for Microsoft Hyper-V from a single console.

Uilam MacDonald, Hitachi Maxco Ltd.

5nine Manager is a great software product. I love the fact that there are a lot of new versions. Patches and repairs are fast and easy. Super easy to use, even for non technical people. Awesome software.

David Grudek, Network Creations, Ltd.

5nine Manager is a technically balanced solution. It adds functionality to the  standard Hyper-V management. We like easy configuration of the solution and 5nine technical support. We cut the time for VM management and monitoring and get more time for other important tasks.

Alexander Sivachev, Samsung

It’s crazy not to consider 5nine. When we started looking at Hyper-V tools, 5nine was the only game in town for agentless antivirus. I think companies need to definitely look very hard at 5nine before they spend a lot more money. It will give them everything they need, especially for small and medium environments… I’ve got no plans to use anything else.

Dave Neal, Konica Minolta

5nine Cloud Security

Using 5nine Cloud Security for Windows Server/Hyper-V helped us to prevent malicious attempts to hack SQL server port allowing by IP- only access to that port for SQL VPS thus blocking all outside exploits. SQL servers are hosted for our customers on Windows Server/Hyper-V Platform.

Michael Davidson, MobileTech.com