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5nine Testimonials

5nine Manager

  • "The 5Nine local console means that we can build systems with virtualized domain controllers. If a DC is not booting, we can still use the 5Nine console to fix the issue. This makes sense to me. Running a DC outside of the virtual stack seems expensive and a bit counter-intuitive."
    Mark DuttonDatamerge
  • "Great software product. I love the fact that there are a lot of new versions. Patches and repairs are fast and easy. Super easy to use, even for non technical people. Awesome software."
    David GrudekNetwork Creations Ltd.
  • "5nine Manager is a technically balanced solution. It adds functionality to the  standard Hyper-V management. We like easy configuration of the solution and 5nine technical support. We cut the time for VM management and monitoring and get more time for other  important tasks."
    Alexander SivachevSamsung, Leading Specialist, Infrastructure Support

5nine Cloud Security

  • "Using 5nine Cloud Security for Windows Server/Hyper-V helped us to prevent malicious attempts to hack SQL server port allowing by IP- only access to that port for SQL VPS thus blocking all outside exploits. SQL servers are hosted for our customers on Windows Server/Hyper-V Platform."
    Michael Davidson,
  • "Use of our Hyper-V high end VPS offering for the clients who host large size sensitive financial data requires high level of security and compliance. Use of 5nine agentless Virtual Firewall and Anti-Malware, utilizing extensibility of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V switch provides such security measures."
    Rob ConliPresident and CEO of ResellerChoice
  • "5nine Cloud Security allows us to provide our enterprise clients a secure and reliable cloud server hosting platform. Clients can sleep at night knowing their servers are protected with intrusion detection, firewall and antivirus and will pass any compliance testing scans."
    Rob ConleyPartner and CTO, Yoku Cloud Hosting

5nine V2V Easy Converter

  • "If somebody calls me and says 'Hey, we’re on VMware and we really want to make this push to Hyper-V, and from a technical standpoint we have no idea how were going to get there', my response to them would be 'I was there, I had the same thought, and 5nine is the software that made it happen.'"
    IT Security OfficerUS Government Security Company