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Study Indicates that 5nine Cloud Security Offers the Best AV Options on the Market

Study Indicates that 5nine Cloud Security Offers the Best AV Options on the Market

5nine Cloud Security is a unified security and compliance solution designed to specifically address every Hyper-V vulnerability across every virtual resource.  In addition to a virtual firewall, intrusion detection (IDS) and network traffic scanning, 5nine also offers multiple antivirus engines.  Customers can select from several options, including Bitdefender’s GravityZone Business Security and Kaspersky Labs’ Total Security for Business.  In a recent study from AV-Comparatives, an independent antivirus testing group, 21 major security suites for Windows were tested and Bitdefender and Kaspersky Labs came out as the two clear leaders!

So why should an organization use 5nine Cloud Security, instead of just deploying the standalone versions of Bitdefender or Kaspersky Labs?  Well, not only is 5nine actually more affordable and also includes the firewall, IDS and network scanning, but it optimizes these antivirus solutions for Hyper-V with patent-pending technologies.  Legacy antivirus deployments do not work well in virtualized environment as they require an agent to be installed in every virtual machine, which means that an admin must access the VM, it slows down deployment, and consumes the VM’s resources.  This agent simply updates the AV definitions, initiates the scans, and reports back to the centralized security management system, but 5nine is able to perform these tasks at the host level, identifying threats before they impact the VM.  5nine Cloud Security eliminates the need to install a Bitdefender or Kaspersky Labs agent, which provides a range of benefits for a dynamic virtualized environment, allowing you to:

  • Maximize your Performance with the Fastest and Least Disruptive Security Solution

By using the only security solution optimized for Hyper-V, you can maximize your performance by locally analyzing and securing your network traffic without routing it through external appliances. Additionally 5nine leverages the industry’s fastest security scanning technology to detect malicious files without causing antivirus storms or performance bottlenecks, allowing you to run more VMs on each host. Now you can spend less on hardware by increasing your VM density by up to 30%.

  • Automate Protection for Virtual Machines, Networks and Storage

Guarantee higher levels of business continuity and reliability with features that will let you automatically and immediately protect every virtual machine. Using a variety of built-in automation tools you can easily script custom security policies to protect your virtual infrastructure and software-defined networks (SDN). Now you can free up your valuable operational resources, increase performance, and reduce the risk of misconfigured security policies.

  • Accelerate and Secure VM Deployments without Requiring Administrators to Access the VM

Traditional endpoint security requires system administrators to install agents on every virtual machine in the environment. This legacy approach increases the deployment time of all new VMs and exposes the virtual machine to scripts or users that could inject malicious code or consume valuable resources. 5nine Cloud Security does not require agents to be installed inside the virtual machine, so they can be deployed faster and more securely. 

  • Hide Security from your Virtual Machines and Users with Agentless Protection

Administrators no longer need to be trusted with access to every virtual machine to manage security, enabling private multi-tenant environments and VM isolation. Since no security component is required to run inside the virtual machine, the user never sees it, never has to update it, never has to manage it, and can never disable it. With 5nine Cloud Security’s unique agentless design, your users will not even notice that they are being protected!

  • Offer Non-Invasive Protection for Tenants with Centralized Security Administration

If you are a hosting or service provider, tenants expect privacy and often require nonintrusive management from their service provider. Only 5nine Cloud Security’s patent-pending technologies offer agentless protection by not requiring anything to be installed inside the virtual machine, making deployment faster and more secure. 5nine even eliminates the burden for tenant to run security maintenance tasks, as these can be centrally managed by the service provider without requiring access to the VM itself. If a tenant needs to manage their own security polices, this is also readily available through the Azure Pack self-service portal.


5nine Cloud Security not only leverages the industry’s leading antivirus solutions, but makes them better!  By using 5nine Cloud Security you will have a suite of tools that are actually designed for your virtualized infrastructure and will save you time and money, while ensuring you have the best protection available for Hyper-V.  For more information, visit

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5nine Software
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