Unified Management and Security Solutions
for Microsoft Cloud Service Providers

Unified Management and Security Solutions for
Microsoft Cloud Service Providers

5nine Service Provider Solutions enable you to service more customers – regardless of resources.

As more and more of your customers move from a reactive to a proactive model, you’ve got to be moving too so you don’t get left behind. That means ensuring you can provide service at the SLAs they expect. Visiting sites and manually logging into each host isn’t just time consuming, it’s ineffective, complex and prone to human error.

You’ve promised to keep systems running and available, and our management and security solutions for service providers allow you to make good on that promise by enabling IT resources to remotely address potential problems at lighting speed.

What Are the Benefits?

How your business benefits:

Scale services without having to hire more resources
Grow customer base without augmenting available resources
Meet SLAs, increase profitability and improve margins
Reduce manual burdens and improve resource efficiency

How your customers benefit:

Quicker problem resolution via remote login
Better faster more effective service levels
Protection of intellectual property and information
Proactive, not reactive, management model

With 5nine, You’re In Total Control

5nine Solutions are built for managing and securing multiple tenants. Your customers’ environments are completely isolated from each other in order to protect intellectual property and meet compliance mandates. You can even control what administrative functions each of your resources can perform in customer environments to ensure clear separation of duties.


Separate and isolate customer
instances from each other

Access Control

Control the which IT roles can access and edit resources across the virtual envrionment

Monitoring and Alerting

Quickly find issues and get real-time
alerts across all virtualized

Capacity Planning

Know when a customer is running out
of resources for proper workload

Complete Control

Browse all different workloads across
customer sites to check for potential


Backup and Recovery

Ensure your virtual network is always
available with a powerful suite of
backup and replication capabilities

A Real-World Use Case


Your customer is quickly running out of disk space. Service at the customer site will likely be lost when disk space is filled beyond capacity.


Service at the customer site is lost until additional disk storage can be obtained.


Our Service Provider solutions send you real-time alerts when you are nearing storage capacity and remotely distributes disk space.

Make Security Your Greatest Strength

Add security-as-a-service (SECaaS) to your offerings to gain a competitive edge – and incremental revenue. 5nine Cloud Security is built for multitenant environments, so each customer site is 100% protected from threats moving laterally between virtual machines.

Windows Azure Pack Integration

Enable customers to subscribe to
security services such as self-service
antivirus, intrusion detection, firewall
and more

Automatic and Immediate

New tenants added to the network are
automatically protected by the security
rules you define

Agentless Antivirus Scanning

Agentless antivirus is located at the
hypervisor level and leverages your
choice of engine and signature

Intrusion Detection System

Our IDS technology leverages Cisco
Snort for Business to analyze all
suspicious traffic within the Hyper-V
virtual switch

Virtual Firewall

Integrated virtual firewall controls and
isolates traffic between all types of VMs,
regardless of guest OS

Advanced Anomaly Analysis

Detect abnormal heuristics and
behavior across customer sites by
measuring resource usage against
historic baselines

A Real-World Use Case


Your customers are using a mix of different operating systems, servers and endpoint security solutions – with mixed results. They rely on your support center to perform routine operations, such as configuring virtual firewalls or modifying security settings.


Customers are likely to experience bottlenecks and performance degradation from traditional, agent-based security solutions. The lack of a self-service, unified management and security portal ties up vital support resources and increases response times.


Customers can configure security policies themselves – at any time – and manage Windows Server, Windows and Linux VMs without relying on your support team. Your company now provides effective, on-demand and customizable protection for each client with full auditing capabilities.