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Solutions for Service Providers

Security requirements for hosting providers in a virtual environment are highly complex and must support a unique business model. Multi-tenant security must be managed by virtual machine, customer, and organizational unit, and maintaining a high quality of service level is required on a granular basis. To maintain compliance, hosting companies must effectively collect and audit data on each virtual machine—and control and protect intra VM traffic.

When hundreds—or thousands—of machines are involved, deploying duplicate copies of anti-malware software across shared resources isn’t an option. This agent-based approach consumes valuable Hyper-V resources, reduces the consolidation ratio and can cause anti-virus storms that also impact performance.

5nine’s agent-less architecture delivers better security, compliance and performance for Hyper-V public cloud without degrading performance and continuity. It allows hosting companies to manage multi-tenant security by VM, customer, and organizational unit—a requirement of their business model.

With 5nine, hosting providers can:

  • Improve performance and streamline deployment with an agent-less architecture
  • Support multi-tenancy environments with full protection of public cloud
  • Deliver a higher level of VM density without the requirement of additional hardware
  • Deliver security and compliance by customer

Success Stories


Cloud Provider Sharpens Competitive Edge and Improves Time to Market with 5nine Cloud Security

Founded in 1990 and based in Johannesburg, Global Micro Solutions is one of the most experienced providers of cloud services in South Africa. Global Micro deployed 5nine Cloud Security to protect its multi-tenant Hyper-V environment, decrease the time needed to onboard new customers and get a competitive edge. The key benefits include: reduces operational overhead; improves competitiveness; eliminates major hosting concerns.

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MediaCloud Delivers Security as a Service with 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension

MediaCloud is a technology company that focuses on cloud solutions and various information and communications technology services (housing, hosting, IaaS and PaaS). The company is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, and has offices worldwide. MediaCloud opted for 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension to improve security for the infrastructure and tenants and generate revenue by delivering Security as a Service (SECaaS). The key benefits include: differentiate and monetize by offering one-click Security as a Service (SECaaS); automatic and immediate agentless protection for tenants for guaranteed security; secured multi-tenancy with a centralized virtual firewall and intrusion detection.

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Yoku Cloud Hosting is on Cloud Nine with 5nine Cloud Security

Yoku Cloud Hosting offers services ranging from cloud server and application hosting, to private clouds and hosted solutions development. The company was founded in 2011 and is located in New York. As a part of its service, Yoku offers access for its customers to their enterprise Hyper-V environment with secure Virtual Private Servers. For the security component of its recommended enterprise solution, Yoku chose 5nine Cloud Security. The key benefits include: provides control over customers’ security and compliance requirements; automatically and immediately protects all virtual machines, disks and networks; increases security by hiding it from users and centralizing management.

pdf Download the Success Story