The Right Access for the Right People

Protect your virtual resources by using multitenancy
and role-based access controls for your team or customers

Use Multitenancy to Limit Visibility

  • Designed with scale in mind, you can provide visibility of specific virtual resources to distinct teams and individual members.
  • Give certain team members the access they need to only view virtual resources by limiting who sees VMs, hosts and other resources of your choice.
  • Multiple locations? No problem! Limit each team member’s capabilities with multitenancy, role assignment and function limits.

Strengthen Separation of Duties with Role-Based Access Control

  • Create team roles to define what actions team members use and don’t use to avoid potential disasters.
  • Assign specific functions to handpicked team members who’s responsible for a given task or action.
  • Role-based access control supports checks and balances by allowing appointed teams and members to view certain resources without ever allowing them to make changes.

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