5nine for Private Cloud

Simplify, Centralize and Secure Multi-Tenant Environments

Most enterprises and service providers already rely on private cloud networks to deliver resources on-demand and to securely host stateless, loosely coupled workloads. These networks, however, are often hampered by redundancy caused by the need to juggle multiple decentralized cloud tenants. 5nine eliminates this redundancy and provides organizations more control over their data, simplifying and modernizing private clouds with a unified, elegant, web-based management and security solution.

Greater Efficiency. Optimal Security.
Modernized Infrastructure.

Our comprehensive management and security platform empowers you to seamlessly control and protect your private cloud tenants via a centralized, easy-to-use interface.

5nine unlocks the full potential of your on-premise infrastructure investments, helps you maintain regulatory compliance and keeps your sensitive data safe behind your corporate firewall.

Migrate From VMware to Hyper-V

Automatically and simultaneously convert and migrate VMware VMs to Hyper-V without the use of intrusive agents. Our platform can handle projects of virtually any complexity and provides an easy-to-use GUI and wizard that guides you through every step of the migration process.


Centrally Manage Multiple
Private Cloud Tenants

Manage large, geographically distributed private cloud deployments and tenants from a single, centralized access point. Our platform allows you to easily view and manage tenants, workloads and virtual resources across multiple sites, so your team can get more work done in less time. Built-in capacity planning and centralized administration ensures tenants never run out of resources and allows you to resolve bottlenecks and other issues before they impact operations.

Automatically Monitor Workload
and Host Performance

Track key performance indicators across all workloads, hosts and VMs in real time. Our platform gives you total visibility into your private cloud and proactively optimizes virtual network performance, allowing you to maximize resource usage and quickly discover issues before they cause downtime. Centralized Hyper-V monitoring, capacity planning and customizable alerts empowers you to more effectively plan and budget for IT upgrades and enables more data-driven decision making.


Schedule Backups and Quickly
Restore Workloads

Protect critical workloads and improve network resiliency, availability and performance with easy-to-use, centralized backup and recovery. Our platform allows you to create full and incremental backups locally, in Azure or at alternate sites via extended replication according to your ideal schedule and unique operational needs. All backups are fully encrypted and compressed for secure, fast and reliable recovery.

Automatically and Immediately
Secure Private Cloud Workloads

Mitigate risk and achieve compliance without compromising workload performance or data accessibility. Our platform provides multilayered protection for every point of attack across your private cloud, including agentless antivirus located at the hypervisor level and an integrated virtual firewall that controls and isolates traffic between all types of VMs, regardless of guest OS. Our platform is built for multitenant environments, so each tenant and workload is 100% protected from threats moving laterally between VMs.


Leverage the Benefits
of an Agentless Architecture

Reduce operational overhead and excess network chatter, improve performance, and avoid antivirus storms with 5nine’s agentless architecture. Our lightweight platform eliminates the need to install software on guest operating systems and is completely transparent to your applications and workloads.

Granularly Assign Permissions
Based on Role and Tenants

Create and assign fully customizable roles that determine which virtual resources can be accessed and what functions can be performed by your teams or tenants. With 5nine, your customers’ environments are completely isolated from each other at all times in order to protect intellectual property and meet strict security, privacy and compliance requirements.


5nine for Hybrid Cloud On-Demand Demo

Watch this 10-minute demo to see what 5nine’s unified management
and security platform can do for your hybrid cloud.