5nine Platform Overview

Whatever your cloud journey looks like,

5nine’s got you covered

The modern digital economy runs in the cloud. Maintaining decentralized private, public and hybrid cloud environments, however, is a monumental challenge for even the most forward-thinking and cloud-first enterprises. The tools and point solutions needed to manage, monitor, backup, recover and secure these disparate cloud environments incur a high overhead burden, consuming resources that could instead be used to drive revenue and support business goals.

The Shift to Hybrid Cloud

While most enterprises already rely on private cloud networks, the speed, cost and flexibility of public and hybrid clouds are driving many to a combined cloud strategy. This same shift is needed for service providers, who rely on a wide range of cloud environments and configurations to meet their customers’ unique requirements.

5nine eliminates that burden with a seamless, elegant approach to unifying cloud migration, management, monitoring, backup and security, increasing efficiency and boosting productivity, at an exceptional value. Our hybrid cloud platform utilizes a single, agentless, cost-effective access point for centralized control, simplified management, continuous performance monitoring, reliable backup and recovery, and hardened security against external cyber threats.

The 5nine Platform Enables You To:

Centrally control decentralized cloud environments and differing cloud platform versions

Provide uninterrupted and safe computing for your business. Our name means high availability

Easily manage large, distributed and multitenant environments

Lock down administrative access-without impacting efficiency

Simplify virtual machine lifecycle management and increase agility

Optimize performance and ensure availability

Quickly recover from disaster or misconfiguration

Agentless Architecture

Improve network performance, reduce operational overhead, eliminate excess network traffic, and avoid antivirus storms. Our lightweight, agentless architecture eliminates the need to install software on guest operating systems and is entirely transparent to your applications and workloads.

Built for Multitenancy

5nine’s unified platform is built for managing and securing multitenant environments. With 5nine, your customers’ environments are completely separated and isolated from each other at all times in order to protect intellectual property and meet strict security, privacy and compliance requirements.

Flexible and Modular

5nine provides a full stack of comprehensive, flexible and modular cloud management and security solutions that are scalable, secure and simple to manage. Our platform allows you to meet unique operational requirements and customer needs, setting you apart from the competition.

Role-Based Access Control

Control and limit which resources can be accessed and what functions can be performed by tenants and administrators in customer environments with fully customizable role-based access controls. 5nine ensures clear separation of duties by giving you complete control over access and administrative functionality.

5nine for Hybrid Cloud On-Demand Demo

Watch this 10-minute demo to see what 5nine’s unified management
and security platform can do for your hybrid cloud.