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New Features in 5nine Cloud Security v8

New Features in 5nine Cloud Security v8

5nine Cloud Security v8 adds improvements for highly transactional environments with compliance mandates to centralize and retain logging data.  Several additional features simplify security administration.  Alerts and analytical data provide more details to help identify and react to potential threats.  Fine grained RBAC are now possible with 5nine’s Cloud Security PowerShell cmdlets.  They can be executed with specified credentials enabling Just Enough Administration (JEA) model.

The following are some of the highlights of the new features:

  • Enhanced Logging for Easier Compliance and Reporting

5nine Cloud Security version 8 has been updated with logging enhancements to accommodate environments with high loads that result in significant amounts of logging data with additional filtering, data retention settings, and the ability to save logs to external locations.  Many organizations need to centralize and maintain logging data for compliance or internal security policy.  A prime example would be an organization with public and partner portals that process many credit card transactions and are subject to the PCI DSS compliance regulations.

  • Simplified Intrusion Detection Analytics and Alerts to Isolate Threats Faster

The console has been enhanced with analytics and logging features to help you more easily identify the source, IP, protocol, and direction of the attack.  Additional IDS information is now included in automated email alerts giving you more information to take the appropriate action.

  • Streamlined Management of Upgrades and PowerShell Administration

Numerous administrative enhancements have been made to the console, and it is now much easier to upgrade to the latest version.  Additionally you can now run 5nine’s PowerShell cmdlets using specified credentials, providing you with more granular control over security policies and changes.  This allows organizations to follow role based administration best practices where administrative accounts can be restricted to only perform the required actions.

With 5nine Cloud Security v8 you get more robust AV job monitoring, faster and more reliable signature synchronization, and streamlined notifications, along with extended logging for Active Protection.  Each AV alert now contains more information about the type and source of the error, helping the security administrator resolve the issue faster.

  • Enterprise Scalability Enhancements

5nine Cloud Security is built to support the largest Hyper-V customers with a highly-available and scalable design, including enterprises with multiple datacenters.  5nine allows you to set up security management servers in multiple locations, and it will synchronize security rules, settings and other data to ensure you have consistent policies throughout your environment.  This ensures that policy updates are applied to VMs even if they are moved, migrated or automatically optimized to other hosts.

  • New Capabilities with Azure Pack for Security as a Service (SECaaS)

5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack (WAP) Extension is the only Security as a Service (SECaaS) solution designed to protect your datacenter, your customers, and their clouds as a free add-on to 5nine Cloud Security. It enables tenants to easily manage their own Windows and Linux security policies through the Azure Pack self-service portal. Not only will you enforce protection for your Hyper-V infrastructure and users, you can generate new revenue by offering Security as a Service. The latest enhancements provide more data for administrators to help them centrally manage security for their cloud, and tenants now have more control over their security policies. Additional protection has been added to so that tenants cannot see the underlying cloud fabric to ensure that a malicious user cannot attack their own service provider or other tenants.

Morgan Holm – VP Product Management


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