New hot features in new 5nine Manager 5.1 for Hyper-V. Manage Hyper-V Like a Pro!

5nine Manager 5.1

5nine Software offers customers the new version 5.1 of 5nine Manager for Hyper-V.

Now this easy-to-use and cost-effective management solution for Microsoft Hyper-V becomes even more convenient!

In addition to professional Hyper-V management tools, 5nine Software offers brand new features designed to simplify everyday Hyper-V management.

Hyper-V Server Notifications Support

With this new option system administrators can effectively control operations with virtual machines and receive notification, when some certain actions are performed with Hyper-V environment. For example, if you are an administrator and want to delegate control on Hyper-V to another admin, you will have a record of all the changes that were performed with Hyper-V hosts and VMs. The features allow to track the following Hyper-V operations activities:

  • Create VM
  • Remove VM
  • Start VM
  • Restart VM
  • Turn Off VM
  • Import VM
  • Export VM
  • VM Replication Failed
  • VM Configuration Changed

For cloud providers it is handy to stay informed what actions customers perform over their Hyper-V hosts and VMs. Instant notifications will allow to troubleshoot Hyper-V issues faster and respond to activities that might lead to customer servers malfunction.  With 5nine Manager Cloud providers will be confident in operations with clients’ VMs. If customer’s VM is renamed, has configuration changed, gets shutdown or deleted – they will be notified if something goes not as expected.

Notifications also support Hyper-V replication failure cases.

Planned Replication Failover

Apart from Notifications, new 5nine Manager 5.1 for Hyper-V supports planned replication failover, giving you the ability to use planned failover occasionally for either planned maintenance or disaster simulation or compliance reasons.

Pass-through disks

Moreover, 5nine Manager 5.1 supports “Pass-through” disks, providing the opportunity to attach a physical drive to a VM.

Please try out 5nine Manager 5.1 for Hyper-V!

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