New beta version of 5nine Manager with Encryption support is coming out!

5nine Manager with VM Encryption Extension Beta

Manage Hyper-V like a pro and get extremely high level of your VMs protection!

5nine Software is happy to launch the beta version of its upcoming 5nine Manager – with VM Encryption Extension.

Actually, this new essential security tool is a standalone application designed to encrypt VMs on the host.

Prevent unauthorized access to the data storage

If you host Hyper-V servers in a data center, you will be completely sure, that no one can get access to your VMs.  5nine Manager encrypts VMs entirely and protects information by converting it into unreadable code that does not make any sense to unauthorized people. Therefore, even if someone has access credentials to the host he will not have an opportunity to read data from the virtual hard disks, because all files remain encrypted. Only users who possess the encryption key can get access to the VM data.

Live, full or incremental encryption?

You can choose between several encryption options:

–  Live encryption. This is the cutting-edge technology that allows encrypting all virtual machines on the host in real time. This means that each virtual disk is automatically encrypted and decrypted online each time it is accessed. It is a remarkable new technology that substantially increases virtual environment security when the VM is accessed by any business process. As this technology utilizes additional resources (such as host CPU), there are progressive encryption methods used, to minimize utilization and save on system resources.

–  Full encryption. This is a basic feature that allows an administrator to encrypt the entire VM and restore it in the fastest way in the future.

–  Incremental encryption using Change Block Tracking driver. This encryption job type allows subsequent VM encryptions (following the first full encryption) to encrypt only those files that were changed since the last encryption job. The innovative technology is called Change Block Tracking (CBT). This technology keeps track of all input/output operations to the VM’s drive and determines which files were changed since the last encryption job was run. Only these changed files will be included in the next encryption job, which dramatically shortens the overall encryption time and saves storage disk space.

256-bit encryption level for more security

256-bit encryption level – is the most credible and widely spread means of encryption. It is this algorithm, which is used in 5nine Manager with VM Encryption Extension beta version, providing extremely high level of security and protection.

Try out our new beta

5nine invites users to try the new feature and provide feedback. So we could shape the product to your needs. Just download the beta, keep it running for Encryption and send us your feedback on

Please pay attention that only test/lab environments should be used for testing.


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