New 5nine Manager 5.2 with enhanced replication failover management is now available!

5nine Manager 5.2 for Hyper-V

5nine Software today announced the release of 5nine Manager for Hyper-V version 5.2 – with enhanced replication failover management features.

5nine Manager 5.2 is a #1 management solution for Windows Server and Microsoft Hyper-V. It provides SMBs with a comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable tool for managing their virtual infrastructure while meeting compliance requirements. It combines Hyper-V management, agentless real-time antivirus and Hyper-V monitoring capabilities in a single product.

We`ve considered our customers` feedback and now are happy to offer you the new product with a total comprehensive support of Hyper-V replication including convenient enhancements in replication failover management.

To be more specific let`s list out the new features:

Bandwidth management:

Allows you to better manage the bandwidth consumption in terms of a minimum and maximum amount of megabits per second (MBps). Use this feature to assign data transfer quotas to users, guarantee bandwidth, punish unauthorized usage, and prioritize or deprioritize sites. This option is set per VM.

Test failover settings:

Allows you to test the sanity of the virtualized workload without interrupting your protection workload or ongoing replication. Think of test failover as an ability to non-disruptively simulate your recovery procedure in an isolated network. You should initiate this operation if you wish to:

  • Run minimal tests to validate if your replication is on track
  • Train your personnel on what is to be done in case of a disaster
  • Test the recovery plan that you have built to test your preparation when disaster does strike

Reverse replication:

This action is performed to reverse replicate from Replica to the Primary Server.

Once the Replica VMs are back online running on the Replica Server, they are unprotected against further failure. You can provide this protection by enabling reverse replication back to the primary server once the server comes back online.

Planned failover:

Planned failover is performed to bring the virtualized workload on the Replica Server. Planned failover is used in the following cases:

  • If you want to perform host maintenance on the primary and would like to run from the Replica site
  • If the primary site is expecting some power outage
  • If you want to move over to the Replica site
  • If there is an impending disaster and you want to proactively take action to ensure business continuity
  • Due to compliance requirements

Planned failover is always initiated at the Primary VM.

Unplanned failover:

It is an operation initiated on the replica VM when the primary VM/site is hit by a disaster. During Unplanned failover, a check is done using Remote WMI to see if the primary VM is running. This is to protect against accidental administrator actions on the replica VM. This check prevents a ‘split-brain’ scenario where both the production and the replica VMs are running.

Failover TCP/IP settings:

The ability to configure IP Failover on Replica VMs. It allows you to place a new IP address on the replica of the virtual machine so that when it starts, it is configured with an IP address suitable to the network where the Replica server is located.

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