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What Is an SDN Switch?

In the traditional IT environment, a network switch (also called switching hub or bridging hub) is defined as a piece of hardware that utilizes packet switching to receive, process and…

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Top 10 Benefits of Multi-Cloud

With all the hype about private, public and hybrid clouds in business computing, the concept of multi-cloud for IT services often gets left behind. But this can change. 

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Hyper-V vs VMware vSphere, Which Solution Is Right for You?

When it comes to IT planning and budgeting, you want to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment. With this in mind, we created this Hyper-V…

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SDN vs SD-WAN: How to Choose the Right Virtualized Network

The networking terms SDN vs SD-WAN may look similar on paper, but they each represent very different kinds of business networks. 

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What is Azure File Sync?

Azure File Sync is a service for Windows Server that allows organizations to centralize files in Azure and access them locally.

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10 Hybrid Cloud Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

Adopting a hybrid cloud offers your business many benefits. To achieve the benefits of a hybrid cloud, you first have to build a hybrid cloud strategy, which would include both public…

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What Is Azure Data Factory and How Can it Help?

What is Azure Data Factory and why does it exist? To understand the justification behind Azure Data Factory, you must first understand that data is a constant in business, and…

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Hybrid Cloud Strategy and How to Quantify ROI

A hybrid cloud strategy will enable your enterprise to maintain control of critical data without sacrificing agility or resilience. An understanding of how workloads affect operating expense, security risk and…

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Cybersecurity Training: What CISOs Must Do to Mitigate Talent Churn

Cybersecurity training and development may not be enough to recruit and retain top talent. Today’s talent landscape is incredibly competitive, which makes it difficult not only to recruit talented professionals but…

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