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Azure’s 4 Premium Support Plans: A Non-Biased Breakdown

Life is good when an enterprise’s cloud infrastructure is working well. But when the inevitable problems arise, it’s smart to be prepared with a proper technical support plan to get…

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How to Calculate Your Azure Backup Pricing

Running an Azure cloud infrastructure securely and effectively for every business also means maintaining a solid backup of all the data in the cloud.

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5 Reasons to Run Azure Windows Server Workloads

If you’re considering an Azure Windows Server deployment, GUI familiarity and process improvements shouldn’t be your only reasons.

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What Is Hyper-V?: The Authoritative Guide

What Is Hyper-V? [Definition & Uses For It] Whether you’re just beginning to look into virtualization platform options for your company, or you’re a new Hyper-V user trying to get…

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When Is Azure Hybrid Cloud a Good Fit?

For enterprises that are getting into cloud computing for the first time, or jumping in deeper after getting some cloud experience, the Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud can be a great…

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Hyper-V: How To Backup Virtual Machines

If you’re new to Hyper-V and wondering how to back up your virtual machines (VMs), there are different ways you can approach the task. But like most things—some options are…

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Introducing 5nine Manager Datacenter v2.2

We’re pleased and excited to announce the release of 5nine Manager Datacenter 2.2. This release includes new features and improvements that enable large, multitenant and distributed Microsoft Cloud datacenters to…

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Azure Container Service – What It Is and How It Helps Enterprise Cloud

Running containerized applications in production is still relatively new within enterprise IT infrastructures, but Microsoft’s Azure Container Service aims at making the process simpler and less worrisome for IT leaders.

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5 Ways to Make Your Datacenter More Eco-Friendly

Cloud computing is a major benefactor of 24/7 datacenters, and on Earth Day, it’s a great time to think about the importance of running ecologically friendly datacenters to save energy…

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