Konstantin Malkov

Co-Founder and CTO

Dr. Konstantin Malkov is the Chief Technology Officer at 5nine Software, where he manages design and development of 5nine Virtualization Security Management and Compliance products.

Previously Konstantin was a CTO for PWI, Inc. and privacyware.com, where he led the design of various security products – including ThreatSentry and PrivateFirewall.

Between 1998 and 2005 Dr. Malkov served as a CTO for Internet Transactions Solutions which was acquired by ORCC in multi – million dollar transaction.

Konstantin has also managed numerous commercial software development projects in the field of messaging, workflow, business analytics and security for various world-class organizations including AT&T, Gillette Company, Lucent Technologies, IBM, EasyLink Services, Premiere Global Services, Webroot Software, and many others.

Dr. Malkov is a recognized, international scientist and is co-founder of the Department of Non-linear Dynamic Systems and Control at Moscow State University. He is a former professor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Moscow State University and received his Ph.D in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from that institution. Professor in Applied Mathematics (1990); Dr. Malkov has resided in the US since 1991.