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Limit Inbound Traffic and Improve Performance

Limit Inbound Traffic and Improve Performance

We recently received a question as to whether or not 5nine Cloud Security’s integrated virtual firewall had the ability to limit inbound and outbound traffic on the VM. The answer is YES!

By default, Windows provides the ability to only limit outbound traffic, which of course, may not meet the needs of large organizations whose users may stream videos, use cloud applications or download/upload large files.

Why Is it Important to Limit Inbound VM Traffic?

Limit Inbound TrafficOrganizations running VDI infrastructures based on Microsoft Hyper-V would want to limit inbound bandwidth per employees’ VMs to ensure that internet services are equally available to everyone. That way, users trying “hog” more bandwidth than they are allowed, will not affect other user’s performance.

For example, organizations who don’t actively limit inbound traffic may experience VoIP phone issues. Interruptions in phone services could affect sales, customer support, and other critical departments.

Another example may include large email attachments. If users within the organization are gobbling up bandwidth, other users may have significant delays in being able to send emails with critical presentations and files.

Limiting inbound traffic is also critical for MSPs and hosting providers who sell VMs to customers – they’ll experience significant degradation to hardware resources if customers use their VMs heavily. If providers are able to control inbound traffic, they can charge “bandwidth hogs” more money.

Fortunately, 5nine Cloud Security makes the process of controlling inbound traffic streamlined and easy.

5nine’s integrated virtual firewall allows you to specifically control allowed inbound and outbound bandwidth for individual virtual machines. This is possible thanks to a direct and native integration of 5nine Cloud Security into each Hyper-V virtual switch, complete virtual network filtering and control on full 10 Gbit vSwitch capacity.


  1. Eugene 9 months ago

    Anyway to limit inbound per ip bandwidth limit?

    • Ryan 4 months ago

      Yes, you can throttle bandwidth with the 5nine Cloud Security tool.

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