If you want to save time and resources on AV scans – 5nine Cloud Security is a must-have!

Every system administrator wants to be sure that viruses and malware aren`t infecting the company`s servers. However, if you are acquainted with classic AV products and watched an antivirus scan happen on your local desktop – you know how long these tasks can take and how resource intensive they can be. Nobody wants AV scans slowing down his company`s most critical servers.

We know a much faster and efficient method to protect your Hyper-V infrastructure against viruses/malware.

Get the fastest AV scans!

Meet 5nine Cloud Security – the one and only complete agentless security and compliance solution built specifically for Microsoft Hyper-V. It supports Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to make AV scans 50-70x times faster than traditional full scans.

Using our agentless CBT technology allows processing only changed blocks of data in VM disk file during AV scanning. This is a great benefit available for virtual environments, as you greatly save your time and resources on AV checks. Actually, you spend between 40 seconds to 3 minutes on the process of AV scanning (depending on changes to VM virtual disk) instead of 40 minutes when dealing with regular full scans.

Utilize fewer resources!

Additionally, these scans take significantly fewer server resources to run. Resource consumption is less, including average CPU, network and physical memory utilization.

If you multiply these tremendously faster scan times and resource utilization rates across all your tens or hundreds VMs, you will realize massive resource savings allowing you to further capitalize on your virtual infrastructure investment and add more VMs on your existing hardware & hypervisor infrastructure.

What else makes 5nine Cloud Security so very special?

Our product supports agentless/host-based model. So, you just install the antivirus software on the host, and it performs agentless incremental AV scans of all your virtual machines.

  • it takes the workload off your VMs and you get rid of performance bottlenecks
  • you avoid even theoretical possibility of AV storms (simultaneous system scans happening)
  • you get much higher available density of VMs per host

To learn more about 5nine Cloud Security please visit https://www.5nine.com/5nine-security-for-hyper-v-product.aspx


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