Hyper-V Cloning

Eliminate complexity and save time with easy-to-use Hyper-V cloning
from a single, centralized console

Hyper-V Cloning Made Simple

Installing guest operating systems and associated applications can eat up a lot of time – time that could be better spent managing, securing and optimizing your infrastructure. Hyper-V cloning with 5nine Cloud Manager allows you to create exact duplicates of virtual machines, including installation and configuration settings, and save them as templates for later use. This significantly reduces manual workloads, allowing you and your team to manage your infrastructure more quickly and efficiently.

What Is a Hyper-V Clone?

A Hyper-V clone is an exact copy of an existing virtual machine. Cloning allows you to create an identical template that can be used to quickly produce one or more copies of a VM from a previous installation and configuration whenever needed. Clones are useful in all types of situations, especially when you need to deploy multiple VMs to a specific workgroup. Popular use cases for Hyper-V cloning include:

  • Cloning a VM for each employee, with a full suite of preconfigured and preapproved office or business applications.
  • Cloning VMs as a baseline configuration for software testing. This allows you to quickly create a consistent testing and development environment.
  • Cloning VMs for contractors and temporary workers, so you can easily control access to potentially sensitive resources.

Store, Copy and Clone Virtual Machines and Host Settings With 5nine Cloud Manager

Eliminate the need to perform the same routine operations over and over again. 5nine Cloud Manager allows you to create exact clones of VMs in just a few clicks – while giving you the ability to customize your clones to meet your unique requirements, including name, path for VM data, and destination folder for storage and configuration purposes. 5nine Cloud Manager also provides an intuitive, step-by-step wizard that guides you through every step of the Hyper-V cloning process – no PowerShell required.

  • Convert existing VMs into templates for later use. Attach files like VHD, VHDX and ISOs to your templates
  • Deploy VMs from templates to quickly provision and set up workloads
  • Clone and reuse hosts and VMs to complete jobs faster
  • Resource library provides dedicated storage for VM templates, virtual hard disks and ISO images. View, edit and remove VM templates and perform operations on storage objects from a single, centralized console

How Hyper-V Cloning With 5nine Cloud Manager Compares to Microsoft’s Native Hyper-V Manager

Cloning Hyper-V virtual machines with Microsoft’s native Hyper-V Manager can be a time-consuming process, especially when you want to copy a machine to the same host. Your only option is to first export the VM you want to clone and import it to your destination host. While this process is straightforward, there is a waiting period between each step before you can initiate the next step. This reduces overall productivity.

When importing/exporting virtual machines to the same host, you are required to specify a different location to store the virtual hard disk. If you fail to do so, the new VHD or VHDX will have the same file name as the source virtual hard disk, which can lead to errors and hamper management. The native import wizard does not provide a way to change the name of the virtual machine and virtual hard disk once created.

Here’s how simple the process is with 5nine Cloud Manager:

  • Specify the path for the virtual machine data
  • Provide a unique name for the clone
  • Specify the number of clones you wish to create
  • Specify the destination folder for storage and configuration
  • Review job details and make necessary corrections
  • Review job summary
  • Monitor job process for completion

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