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Mission Control for Your Microsoft Cloud

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Change and innovation are regular facets of life in today’s business world. From new threats to new technology, such as the hybrid cloud or the Internet of Things (IoT), disruption is constantly redefining everything – from how your business model operates to how your teams work.

This rapid pace of change can make or break your business. Because, in the digital world, your customers and employees expect access to the information they need and the apps they rely on– at all times, from any device, and in any location. The threat of outages from viruses, malware, faulty software and failing hardware, however, is always lurking just around the corner.

The impact of downtime, whether it effects enterprise workloads or popular consumer applications, is too great to tolerate – from loss of revenue to service interruptions, compliance violations, public embarrassment and more.

The solution? Create an environment that’s built for uptime.



of databases for mission critical apps have already been deployed in public, private or hybrid clouds

Interop ITX
2017 State of the Cloud


The virtual datacenter is where most organization’s critical data and applications reside, with upwards of 75% or more of all corporate and public-sector workloads virtualized according to Gartner research.

Managing your infrastructure with native tools, however, is expensive, time-consuming and labor intensive. Traditional endpoint solutions, like agent-based models, are not optimized for virtualization and can sap performance with oppressive overhead.

5nine Software is a powerful, integrated solution for the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Our suite of products provides companies and providers of all sizes with the means to mitigate data loss and increase operational efficiency with the following capabilities:

  • Lightweight architecture that can weather virtually any demand
  • Unified access points for managing your virtual environment while provide fault tolerance and high availability
  • Integrated firewall, agentless antivirus and comprehensive intrusion detection for protecting your environment and controlling access to resources and machines
  • Automatic, simultaneous VM migrations to multiple platforms



why 5nine for microsoft cloud


Your Hyper-V and Azure environments provide critical operational flexibility, ensure business continuity and host mission critical data and applications, but native tools and legacy solutions can’t keep up with the rapid growth of cyber threats and new cloud and IOT technology. 5nine is committed to your success by providing products and solutions that help you:

    • Increase team efficiency with a simple, easy-to-use interface
    • Increase VM performance with a distributed, lightweight architecture and hypervisor level functionality
    • Mitigate data loss with state-of-the-art, multilayered security
    • Increase ROI by leveraging existing IT investments in virtualization, security and cloud technologies and by consolidating existing infrastructure
    • Reduce hard costs to enable additional IT and business initiatives or increase revenue by offering Security-as-a-Service to customers

The good news is that you’re not alone.  5nine helps over 100K+ customers manage and protect 5M+ VMs – and counting.



improvement in revenue, profit margins and customer satisfaction for high performing business that adopt innovative cloud and data initiatives

Power of Hybrid Cloud, May 2017

Centralize Security and Management Operations

manage microsoft cloud


Streamline the management and backup of your hyper-v and cloud infrastructure. Improve efficiency and availability with a single, secure access point.

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secure microsoft cloud


Protect your critical applications and data, and increase performance with a simple multilayered, unified cyber security and compliance solution.

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isolate microsoft cloud


Lock down your environment and simplify the management of your Azure and Hyper-V firewalls from a single, cohesive console.

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migrate microsoft cloud


Automate migrations to Hyper-V, Azure or Amazon Web Services on your schedule without the use of intrusive, risky agents.

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5nine Has You Covered: Any Size. Any Industry. Any Use Case.


roi for your microsoft cloud


Reduce hardware and software license costs while increasing VM density. Our solutions require minimal components and few resources, so you can reduce overall IT spend and maintain high ROI.


centralize microsoft cloud


Manage large, multitenant and distributed environments from a single GUI. Support for SDN, SIEM, SCOM, SCVMM and WAP allows you to streamline network infrastructures and consolidate existing investments.


no risk for microsoft cloud


Fortify your environment with advanced security features like agentless antivirus and machine-learning based anomaly analysis – without impacting performance. Support compliance mandates with built-in data collection.


microsoft cloud for large enterprise


We offer everything you need for your environment – from security and management platforms to migration tools. Our solutions are fully integrated and require minimal components and resources – so you can focus on growing your business.


Boost performance for microsoft cloud


Use our simple, unified interface – it won’t slow you or your machines down while it delivers the powerful functionality you expect from an enterprise-grade suite. Our solutions are lightweight – requiring little-to-no configuration – and can run on any PC from any location, so they don’t hog precious system resources.



Fortify your environment against all manner of threats – including viruses, malware and suspicious traffic. State-of-the-art incremental scanning and intelligent caching provide the protection you need without degrading Hyper-V performance.


scale microsoft cloud


Our agentless architecture negates the need to install software on the guest OS, saving time and system resources. Management services are run in parallel, so changes can apply simultaneously across your customers environments.


micorsoft cloud high availability


A cluster-based management model supports disaster recovery and fault tolerance – ensuring 99.999% availability. Predefined security rules are automatically applied when new resources are connected, ensuring that your customer environments are protected at all times.


microsoft cloud security


Generate additional revenue by offering a single, comprehensive solution that delivers powerful security capabilities at a better price point than the competition. Easily manage security settings by VM, customer and organizational unit.

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We strive to create products and solutions that meet the unique needs of your environment, industry and business. We’ve earned numerous accolades in the past few years that recognize this vision – so you know you’re in good hands.


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“5nine Manager has significantly reduced the time we would spend searching for VMs by 75%. Tasks that would have taken us an hour to carry out before, can now be completed in a fraction of the time. This delivers a major boost in team performance.”





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