Automated Hyper-V Backup and Recovery

Fast, flexible and agile Hyper-V VM backup,
replication and recovery you can rely on

Hyper-V Backup to Azure

Increase Confidence in Your Data Backup Strategy by 100%

Improve resiliency, high availability and performance across Hyper-V sites. 5nine Manager Cloud Manager allows you to maintain secure copies of key Hyper-V workloads on an hourly, daily or weekly basis with automatic, Azure-enabled backup capabilities.

  • Maintain business continuity for employees, customers and partners in the event of outages or disaster with Hyper-V backup and recovery – ensuring your mission critical data, applications and business are safe at all times
  • Securely protect and limit access to your data with AES 256-bit encryption for backup copies
  • Simplify and accelerate Hyper-V disaster recovery throughout your Hybrid environment with continuous Hyper-V replication and data backups to Azure
  • Increase local storage capacity by letting Azure handle retention for you

Hyper-V and Azure Replica Lifecycle Management

Ensure High Availability and Fault Tolerance With Hyper-V and Azure

Maintain a highly available, resilient Hyper-V infrastructure with built-in tools for failover clustering and replication management. 5nine Cloud Manager enables you to go one step further in keeping your data safe with support for extended replication. Monitor replication health, configure and test failovers and automate high availability from a single, centralized console.

  • Protect mission critical workloads by creating up-to-date VM replicas and storing them at alternate sites – allowing you to plan effectively for different outage or disaster scenarios
  • Continuous replication, monitoring and alerting for Hyper-V ensures you always discover issues before they impact operations, helping to prevent downtime and business losses, reducing the likelihood of other disruptions
  • Establish Replication frequency, Recovery Points and Schedule Replication
  • Azure Management plugin provides ability to replicate Hyper-V VMs into Azure, which acts as a replica server instead of the other Hyper-V server

Full and Incremental Hyper-V VM Backups

Configure 5nine Manager to perform either full or incremental Hyper-V backups depending on your specific needs.

Restore Hyper-V Files

View, access, download and restore individual files stored within Hyper-V backups to the same storage path or a different one.

  • Download and restore Hyper-V files
  • Choose original, default or alternate restore path

Back Up Entire Hyper-V VMs Each and Every Time

Our system lets you back up entire Hyper-V VMs, which saves you time and unwanted complexity.

  • Flexibility of full Hyper-V backups
  • Fast and easy
  • Geared for manual Hyper-V backup jobs

Back Up Just the Information That Was Changed With Change Block Tracking

Incremental Hyper-V backups let you schedule jobs according to the information that was changed on your Hyper-V virtual machine.

  • Saves Hyper-V disk space
  • Optimize for scheduled Hyper-V backups
  • No interruption of the Hyper-V virtual machine or its applications
  • Flexibility of changed block tracking or calculating hash

Configurable Hyper-V Backup Compression and Encryption

Reduce the size of your Hyper-V backup files and control the desired level of protection for each of your Hyper-V backup jobs.

  • Saved Hyper-V disk space allows you to recover your Hyper-V VMs more quickly
  • Improves Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Protects your data from access by malicious sources
  • Encrypted during backup but decrypted when deployed

Scheduled Hyper-V Backup Jobs

Schedule Hyper-V backups to run automatically and on a recurring basis. Maintain the flexibility to tailor RTO and RPO to meet your specific needs.

  • Schedule Hyper-V backups by date and time, or periodically
  • Run Hyper-V backup jobs immediately
  • Run Hyper-V backup jobs every 6 hours or whenever you decide

Easily Restore Hyper-V VMs

If a Hyper-V VM fails, simply restore it either to the same storage path or a different one.

  • Restore Hyper-V VMs
  • Choose original, default or another restore path

Hyper-V Backup Retention Policies

Take control of Hyper-V backup protocols and limit the growth of your backup archives. Schedule Hyper-V backup jobs according to the retention rules you decide.

  • Delete archives older than a set number of days
  • Set the number of Hyper-V checkpoints

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