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Great Times and Good Insight on Cloud Security from RSAC 2017

Great Times and Good Insight on Cloud Security from RSAC 2017

We had a blast at the RSAC 2017 event last week! It was a pleasure meeting so many amazing people. One thing is for sure, after talking to so many of you, there is a clear need for a unified cloud security solution that can handle a diverse set of requirements.

Public Cloud

For many organizations – especially those in public sector, healthcare and other regulated industries – moving to the public cloud is still a while away. “Not moving to the cloud if I can help it,” was a common quote. Other organizations are moving to the public cloud in droves, and they’re taking their less critical workloads with them. However, they’re starting to recognize that configuring security is difficult, especially tasks around firewall rule creation.


For many, the idea of moving to the cloud raises concerns over compliance, and how that compliance can be achieved quickly, and in a cost-effective way. Mandates like PCI-DSS and others are forcing companies who’ve adopted the cloud to reconsider their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) strategy. They’re actively seeking solution providers who can help them meet multiple requirements to accelerate their project while staying under budget.

Hybrid Cloud

“Hybrid Cloud” was a theme we commonly heard – the paradigm allows organizations to keep their sensitive workloads on premises while allowing them to still reap the efficiencies of the public cloud. Managing security in a unified way, across private and public cloud, appears to be the pain point of the future.

Vendor Consolidation

As IT continues to seek out efficiencies, many organizations are looking for ways to consolidate security-related contracts, interfaces and technologies. Today, organizations are often dealing with separate vendors for antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection and others – they’re finding the sheer volume of vendors difficult to manage. Instead, they’re starting to look for ways to consolidate, or find those that address multiple pain points.

It was great to meet with so many people at the RSA 2017 conference. The insights shared with us help to shape the future and features of 5nine Cloud Security. It is our privilege to hear from everyone, and to use that information to take action with every new product release. We look forward to serving you, and hope to see you at future events!


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