Free 5nine V2V Easy Converter 4 is now available!

We are happy to announce that free 5nine V2V Easy Converter 4 is now available!

It was presented at Microsoft Virtual Academy, which is a website for developers and IT Pros offering free Microsoft training to update their skills and advance their careers.

5nine V2V Easy Converter performs fast and non-intrusive conversion and fixup of selected VMware VMs to Microsoft Hyper-V VMs with the highest conversion ratio.

New 5nine V2V Easy Converter provides:

  • Discovery and conversion of VMware VMs through vCenter version 5.0 or later. Converter is connected to host and every server, mounting the convenience and speed of VM conversion.
  • Ability to perform simultaneous multiple VMs conversion via API (available in full version only). So you save time tremendously if multiple VMs needs to be converted.

5nine V2V Easy Converter 4 other benefits:

  • Allows to save costs on migration to Hyper-V by providing VMs conversion automation
  • Includes application programming interface (API)
  • It is fast, effective and easy-to-use
  • Performs convenient host to host conversion


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