Solutions for Enterprises

For an enterprise, protecting against security threats becomes a more complex challenge in a virtualized environment. Malware can spread between machines—compromising both systems and data—and VM sprawl creates more exposure points, so that any breach has a bigger impact due to high-density servers.

To maintain security and compliance, enterprises also must effectively control and protect intra-VM traffic.

Standard anti-malware can be installed on each agent, but this approach consumes system resources and can substantially degrade performance. In addition, agent-based solutions are more likely to lead to AV storms, which are a costly burden on IT resources.

Building private clouds on the Microsoft Hyper-V platform requires an enterprise-grade solution to security, compliance and risk management. 5nine allows enterprises to proactively protect against threats, improve VM density, and collect and audit data to ensure compliance and better manage risk without impacting performance.

With 5nine, enterprises can:

  • Increase VM density which saves costs immediately and over time
  • Deliver comprehensive security without impacting performance
  • Control security from a single intuitive Management Console
  • Support compliance and risk mandates by collecting incremental data that is easily accessible and auditable
  • Meaningfully reduce the IT expenses for both security and compliance
  • Protect private clouds and enable a smooth transition to IT-as-a-Service