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Crime Gone Cyber

Crime Gone Cyber

With malware getting more and more sophisticated,  literally every minute, the number of cyber-terrorism attacks has grown exponentially in recent years. Attacks are especially prevalent  among organizations that have critical infrastructures. Unfortunately, many of these organizations lack the resources to timely upgrade their security.  As a result, they are unable to quickly respond to their attacks and become easy targets.

Crime is becoming  a software-based industry because it is simpler, safer and less expensive. Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO of the company, in a CIO article opines on why drug smugglers are using malware to carry out their illegal activities. He says, “It’s easier to infect the computer system of a port and create a record that certain cargo has already been inspected than it is to sneak it by inspectors.”

Kaspersky Antivirus engine is used in 5nine Cloud Security and 5nine Manager with Antivirus to build comprehensive security solutions designed specifically for the Microsoft Cloud Platform and Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs) running Windows and Linux.

While conventional smugglers retrain as cyber terrorists, organizations need to be proactive and think ahead to predict and prevent the increasing number of cyber attacks. Most companies have gone into cloud, and cloud security should be given the same attention (if not greater) as traditional end-point protection. Customers using the Cloud should take a proactive approach in protecting their data.

5nine Cloud Security, designed to address every Hyper-V vulnerability across every virtual resource, supports the four areas of security an organization, of any size, must master to achieve a solid protection strategy: Prevent, Detect, Respond, Predict. We provide a more efficient way to protect your virtualized infrastructure. Our continuous monitoring tools gives you the power to upgrade your security in a timely manner and quickly remediate any problems.

5nine Manager with Antivirus is an edition of 5nine Manager that can also protects your virtualized resources. It includes all the core functionality the easy, centralized and affordable management and monitoring solution for Hyper-V, plus the security of an antivirus engine from Bitdefender, Kaspersky Labs, or ThreatTrack. Now you can maximize your performance with the fastest and least disruptive security solution, allowing you to run more VMs on each host. 5nine’s Microsoft-certified antivirus technologies have been trusted by thousands of IT professionals worldwide to provide management and protection, without needing to be a security specialist.

In a world of increasing cyber threats and a new type of software criminal entering the landscape it is more important than ever to protect yourself with the only security solution built and optimized for Hyper-V. 5nine’s Microsoft-certified and patent-pending technologies have been trusted by thousands of users worldwide to provide security, management and performance optimizations that no one else in the industry can match.


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