Convert from vSphere to Hyper-V, FAST, EASY, and FREE

VMware offers their “VMware Converter” to convert from Hyper-V or physical servers to vSphere but they don’t offer any tool to convert back if you aren’t satisfied. Now, you can easily convert from VMware vSphere to Hyper-V, fast, easy, and for free. 5Nine has launched the beta preview of V2V Easy Converter!

This new tool will make the transition from the expensive VMware vSphere to Hyper-V (What is Hyper-v?) so much easier!

5Nine V2V Easy Converter can take a powered-off VMware vSphere virtual machine and convert that to Hyper-V, faster than you would expect. Today, the vSphere VM has to be “offline” but this tool also doesn’t require you to remove the VM from vSphere. Today, the tool is limited to Windows 2008 (and later) VMs but subsequent releases will support conversion of Windows Server 2003 and later, simultaneous conversions of multiple VMs, as well as ‘reverse’ Hyper-V – to – VMware VMs conversion and fix up.

I tried the tool myself and was impressed with the ease of conversion to Hyper-V (which is, by the way, vTax Free).

5nine V2V Easy Converter Beta Preview is available immediately, and can be downloaded at, or please contact 5nine sales at

We welcome your feedback at Prior to download and setup – please review Release Notes for important information!

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