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5nine Cloud Security v9 Accelerates Security for Large Microsoft Cloud Environments

5nine Cloud Security v9 Accelerates Security for Large Microsoft Cloud Environments

We’re excited to announce the release, today, of Cloud Security v9, which accelerates security for large and complex distributed Microsoft Cloud environments.

Hyper-V and Nano Server Cloud Security Feature Expansion

The latest version includes the new Distributed Management Servers feature, which allows multiple concurrent management servers in the Microsoft Cloud environment, providing greater scalability, redundancy and high availability.

The management server architecture ensures high performance and availability for large, complex and distributed deployments of Microsoft Server Hyper-V and Nano Server. Administrators are able to implement and run concurrent management services within close proximity of the managed resources, enhancing fault tolerance, scalability and responsiveness.

Now Enterprise Administrators can:

  • Instantly receive or take action on security data regardless of size and complexity of the virtual infrastructure
  • Improve availability by implementing and running concurrent management servers within close proximity of the managed resource
  • Conveniently associate Hyper-V hosts with specific management servers based on location, workload, or any other desired criteria

The new Distributed Management Servers implementation enables enterprises with a large amount of hosts to receive and take action on security data much faster. The latest release increases performance at scale for the largest deployments of Nano Server and Hyper-V for changing network traffic rules, loading logs and other operations. Distributed Management Servers model also significantly improves redundancy and high availability of the Cloud Environment.

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