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Hybrid Cloud Management

5nine Cloud Manager provides advanced management, monitoring, migration and recovery for Microsoft Cloud environments of all shapes and sizes, including single and multitenant public, private and hybrid cloud configurations.

NEW in v3.3: Fully-Featured REST APIs 

  Product Overview 

Simplify Management of Your Hybrid Cloud

5nine Cloud Manager standardizes hybrid cloud lifecycle operations across your organization, so you can get more work done in less time. View and manage tenants, hosts, clusters, virtual machines, and resources across your public, private and hybrid cloud environments from a single, centralized console.

  • Centrally create, configure, manage and maintain virtual machines across all servers and cloud instances
  • Quickly set up, provision and monitor workloads with built-in templates and resource library
  • Easily clone hosts and VMs to quickly deploy identical copies without having to browse a host file system or worry if you’ve located all configuration files
  • Effortlessly view, consolidate and manage virtual resources across all your cloud environments from a single, logical tree
  • Remotely perform actions with storage objects via the storage file explorer

Monitor All Your Clouds From a Single Console

Gain complete and continuous visibility into your hybrid cloud. 5nine Cloud Manager allows you to track key cloud performance indicators and resources across all workloads, hosts and virtual machines and proactively optimizes your virtual network in real time, allowing you to maximize resource usage, achieve peak performance and quickly discover issues before they cause downtime.

  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk and network across all hosts and virtual machines
  • Detailed dashboards with rich content enable you to quickly uncover issues
  • Historic baselines and archival technology maintains a detailed account of past performance
  • Dynamic optimization automatically improves resource usage for better performance
  • VM load balancing evenly distributes loads across hosts and clusters
  • Event log email alerts allow you to quickly discover potential errors before they impact operations

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration With Enterprise-Grade Speed, Scale and Flexibility

5nine Cloud Manager dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to perform public, private and hybrid cloud migration projects of virtually any complexity. Our platform empowers you to automatically and simultaneously migrate virtual machines across hosts without the use of intrusive, performance sapping agents.

  • Live migration migrates active virtual machines without downtime
  • Quick migration pauses active virtual machines and migrates them at warp speeds
  • Shared nothing migration keeps critical workloads running while performing maintenance or during a planned outage so your virtual networks are always available

Protect Your Critical Workloads With Enterprise-grade Backup and Recovery Optimized for the Hybrid Cloud

5nine Cloud Manager’s powerful, integrated suite of backup, recovery and replication capabilities ensures your virtual networks are always available. Our platform allows you to backup and recover critical workloads to and from the private, public and hybrid cloud on your schedule.

  • Protect data on your terms with full and incremental backups locally, to Azure, or to alternate sites via extended replication
  • Keep critical workloads available and up-to-date by scheduling backups according to your ideal timetable
  • Configure, manage and monitor failover clustering and replicas from a single, unified console
  • Maximize security and minimize your storage footprint with enterprise-grade encryption and compression
  • Quickly recover virtual machines from local or remote backup locations whenever disaster strikes to prevent or mitigate downtime and data loss
  • Restore and download individual files from virtual machines whenever and wherever needed

Control and Limit Access to Your Hybrid Cloud Environments

Prevent costly and embarrassing errors, misconfigurations or malicious attempts without impacting performance or data accessibility. 5nine Cloud Manager ensures clear separation of duties by giving you complete control over access to your virtual machines, hosts and tenants and administrative functionality, allowing you to effortlessly meet strict security, privacy and compliance requirements.

  • Divide administrative management rights across servers, tenants and cloud instances for granular, permission-based control of distributed resources
  • Support corporate security and privacy policies and meet legal requirements by limiting which operations can be performed by users, administrators and tenants
  • Create custom views for administrators, tenants and roles to ensure that only the right people have visibility into virtual resources

Fully-Featured REST APIs

Move from PowerShell Scripts and VMM to REST APIs and 5nine Cloud Manager. Scale and automate your virtual infrastructure. Enable your DevOps team to use the tools they love. Easily plug into your favorite configuration management tool.  And more!


  • Covers every feature accessible via Product Interface
  • VM Management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Backup/Restore
  • SDN Management
  • Administration
  • Accessible via Swagger based framework

SDN Management

Simplified Software Defined Networking Management without the need to use multiple tools and PowerShell, which in turn reduces the margin for error in deployment and management.

  • Network Controller can be created with easy to use wizard
  • Logical and VM Network Management makes it easy to manage your Enterprise SDN environment from one console
  • Virtual Switch Management to ensure that proper Virtual Networking Best Practices with VLANs

Ready to unleash the full power and potential of your hybrid cloud?