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Preview of Agentless Anti-Malware and Virtual Firewall for Windows 8 is available

Bellevue, WA, March 29, 2012. - 5nine Software announces Preview of Agentless Anti-Malware and Virtual Firewall for Windows Server "8" Beta:

Installed as a WFP-extension - 5nine Anti-Malware and Virtual Firewall 3.0 continues to support 5nine v-Firewall 2.x PowerShell APIs and Management GUI similar to the popular 5nine Virtual Firewall and Anti-Virus version 2.x.

Agentless, easy to deploy and powerful, the Security and Compliance Solution for Windows Server "8" and the NEW version of Windows Server Hyper-V is built using advanced Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) architecture and APIs for the new Hyper-V Virtual Switch. Thus the new version of 5nine Anti-Malware and vFirewall does not require installation of In-Guest drivers to perform Intra-VM filtering and protection.

The new 5nine Security and Compliance Solution is built exclusively for the upcoming Windows Server "8" Hyper- V architecture to meet increasing demand for Anti-Malware and Compliance solutions for Microsoft virtualization and for Microsoft Private Cloud.

This preview from 5nine Software has become a reality due to very elegant and powerful WFP and Microsoft's Hyper-V Virtual Switch and extensions developed by 5nine.

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