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Agentless, easy to deploy and powerful Security and Compliance Solution for Windows 8 Server Platform and NEW version of Microsoft Hyper-V is built using advanced Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) architecture of new Microsoft Virtual Switch.

Anaheim, CA, September 14, 2011. - Today, at Microsoft Build Conference, 5nine Software announced Preview of 5nine Security Manager version 3.0 - first completely host - based Virtual Firewall with Anti-Virus (AV) for next version of Microsoft Windows 8 Platform.

5nine Security Manager 3.0 continues to support 5nine v-Firewall PowerShell APIs and will have Management application GUI similar to the popular 5nine Virtual Firewall and Security Manager version 2.x. However, new version is completely host - based, and does not require installation of In-Guest agents as previous version did to perform intra-VM network filtering and AV scans.

Such solution became possible with new Microsoft Windows 8 Server Platform WFP (Windows Filtering Platform) interfaces, and new architecture of Hyper-V 3.0 Virtual Switch, as well as new Powerful APIs from Microsoft. New 5nine Security Manager Host management agent now consists of the user mode service effectively implementing and installing WFP provider on the host machine, and kernel mode driver implementing vSwitch WPF-callout filtering.

5nine Development worked close with Microsoft Core Network Team to develop these *very elegant* Virtual Firewall and Anti-Virus applications that now allow our host-only deployments. Deployment, Traffic rules Management and support of multiple OSs now is also significantly simplified. From ROI standpoint this also puts 5nine Hyper-V Security Solution much ahead of the current competition.

5nine Security Manager is designed for Anti-Virus and v-Firewall protection of both Hyper-V SMB and large size Cloud deployments supporting different Guest Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, BSD and other.

    5nine Virtual Firewall controls network traffic between virtual machines, detects/blocks malicious attacks and improves the security of a virtualized environment. User(s) can define the rules for different types of traffic coming to/from virtual machines, as well as the ports used. This could be done both programmatically (with simple PowerShell API), or using administrative application running on a management Virtual machine or a standalone web server.

    "Aside from traditional hardware firewalls, new 5nine Security Manager with Anti-Virus and Virtual Firewall for Hyper-V allows us to programmatically manage network security on both 'Per-VM' and 'Per-Host' basis - said Konstantin Malkov, 5nine Software CTO, - "This definitely decreases management costs and improves the security of Hyper-V Virtual environments, especially for large size Private and Public V-Cloud deployments. New Windows Platform and Hyper-V is awesome, and certainly will drive significant attention of SMB and Hosting providers. Including certain areas where the completion had advantage previously".

    Utilizing the new Architecture - 5nine Security Manager uses Sophos Anti-Virus Enterprise engine, that now also is deployed on the host , together with virus/malware signatures, and does not require In - Guest scanning.

    "Scalability and thus ROI of virtualization projects have been severely restricted by the intensity of security applications. Traditional Anti-Virus solutions were designed for a one to one relationship with the hardware, so customers had to run an instance of the security agent in each guest. All of these instances quickly add up to significant performance issues, with painful cost implications. In the new 5nine Security Manager, Sophos Anti-Virus can perform expensive security tasks centrally on the host, significantly enhancing performance while maintaining protection. “ - said James Lyne, Director of Technology Strategy, Sophos. - "We are pleased to report that 5nine Security Manager with Sophos Anti-Virus is the first fully host-based Anti-Virus and v-Firewall solution for the Microsoft Virtualization platform".

More and more companies, including those of highly regulated financial, insurance and healthcare industries, are looking to utilize Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology to reduce costs and optimize IT resources. Security and compliance are increasing concerns for broad range of virtualization deployments. 5nine Security Manager with Sophos Anti-Virus and Virtual Firewall provides strong protection for the virtual infrastructure without considerable performance overhead for the Hyper-V clusters/hosts and VMs.

Pricing and Availability

5nine Security Manager 3.0 will be commercially available simultaneously with the RTM release of Windows 8/Windows Server vNext, and will be licensed on per-VM basis.

5nine Security Manager 3.0 is a part of a broader management solution for Microsoft Cloud providers - 5nine Cloud Manager for Hyper-V, that is currently in Beta, and also includes Monitoring and Backup solutions for Microsoft Azure, Private and Public Cloud.

About 5nine Software

5nine Software helps organizations to safeguard their investment in virtual infrastructure by providing innovative systems management solutions designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and security.

5nine is an international company with its U.S. headquarters in New Jersey. 5nine is rapidly expanding its presence and its partner network around the world, and will continue to offer innovative and practical solutions to help IT professionals to better plan and manage their Cloud/Virtual infrastructures.

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