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5nine Manager 6.1 for Hyper-V adds new Virtualization Management Capabilities

CHICAGO (Feb. 11, 2015) – 5nine Manager 6.1 for Hyper-V is available today from 5nine Software, the leading global Hyper-V virtualization management and security provider. 5nine Manager 6.1 for Hyper-V is an easy-to-use and affordable management solution for Microsoft Hyper-V, providing many of the features of Microsoft’s System Center Virtual Machine Manager that you need for everyday Hyper-V and clustering management, at a fraction of the cost. 5nine Manager 6.1 for Hyper-V adds new features to help system administrators increase scalability of the system and simplify the management process through a consistent interface.

"Virtualization administrators are busy enough already without having to constantly monitor the health of their servers and virtual machines. With 5nine Manager 6.1 for Hyper-V our customer can use their time more effectively by configuring customizable alerts based on resource usage," said Symon Perriman, 5nine Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. "The latest product upgrade provides greater scalability through multiple console support and simplifies management of Hyper-V infrastructures of all sizes with new dashboards and sortable tables. We listen carefully to our customers' feedback and try to simplify the everyday life of a Hyper-V system administrator."

Managing diverse virtual infrastructures requires system administrators to constantly monitor everything happening within the system. Now you can overcome this challenge with 5nine Software's new 5nine Manager 6.1 for Hyper-V by monitoring your Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines with real-time email alerts due to unplanned live migrations, or according to customized thresholds. New 5nine Manager 6.1 allows you to configure the display parameters for virtual machines, allowing you to focus on the most important metrics to your business. Turn virtual infrastructure management into a fast, easy and worry-free process!

In addition to vast improvements to the management process, new 5nine Manager 6.1 for Hyper-V helps system administrators reduce installation time and configuration costs by creating their own pre-configured VM images. Seamlessly capture, generalize, and customize a base image of a Windows or Windows Server virtual machine using the System Preparation (Sysprep) Tool. 5nine Manager 6.1 for Hyper-V reduces the ongoing maintenance costs thus helping you achieve faster time to production while lowering the cost of operations.

5nine Manager 6.1 for Hyper-V is available immediately. It is priced per host, and pricing begins at $199. For more information or to download a free 30-day trial version, please visit:

About 5nine Software

5nine Software is the leading global Hyper-V virtualization management and security provider. It offers the first and only agentless security and management solutions for Microsoft Hyper-V. 5nine Software provides innovative, powerful and easy-to-use software designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and mitigate security risks. Today, 5nine Software helps more than 50,000 satisfied customers around the globe to reach the full potential of their virtualization infrastructure.

Founded in 2009, 5nine Software is headquartered in Chicago. Additional offices are located in Boston, New Jersey and Europe.

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