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Security Solutions for Microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V Security Management and Compliance Solutions for Enterprises

For an enterprise, protecting against security threats becomes a more complex challenge in a virtualized environment. Malware can spread between machines—compromising both systems and data—and VM sprawl creates more exposure points, where any breach has a bigger impact due to high-density servers.

To maintain security and compliance, enterprises also must effectively control and protect intra VM traffic.

Standard anti-malware can be installed on each agent, but this approach consumes system resources and can substantially degrade performance. In addition, agent-based solutions are more likely to lead to AV storms, which are a costly burden on IT.

Building private clouds on the Microsoft Hyper-V platform requires an enterprise-grade solution to security, compliance and risk management. 5nine allows enterprises to pro-actively protect against threats, improve VM density, and collect and audit more data to ensure compliance and better manage risk without impacting performance.


With 5nine, enterprises can:

  • Agentless Technology increases VM density which saves costs immediately and over time
  • Deliver comprehensive security without a performance impact
  • Control security from a single intuitive Management Console
  • Support compliance and risk mandates by collecting more data that is accessible and auditable
  • Meaningfully reduce the IT cost structure for security and compliance
  • Protect private clouds and enable a smooth shift to IT-as-a-Service

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