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Converged Solutions: 5nine & Veeam

Data's Urgent Security Challenge

Nearly every organization has challenges securing their information systems from being compromised, or from losing data, ... whether it’s breaches of corporate or government information, theft perpetrated by hackers, natural disaster or human error.

Virtual datacenter security challenges
security breaches

Breaches and Loss Could be Catastrophic

The impact of these events are detrimental to business operations, as they result in service interruptions, compliance violations, lawsuits, public embarrassment and more. Not only must organizations prevent disasters from occurring, they must also be prepared to quickly recover if a disaster were to occur.

Virtualization Adds Another Layer of Complexity

Mitigating these risks across virtual environments is especially challenging, as traditional endpoint solutions are not optimized for virtualization. However, the virtual datacenter is where many organizations’ most-critical information and applications reside. In fact, Gartner research shows that as many as 75% of corporate and public sector workloads are virtualized.

traditional network security tool percentage

59% traditional tools
work somewhat
or not at all


59% of respondents believe that traditional network security tools/appliances worked only for their physical environment, not for cloud.


Together, 5nine Software and Veeam provide an integrated solution for
mitigating data loss across virtualized environments.

5nine Cloud Security

5nine Cloud Security

Protect and control access via integrated firewall, agentless antivirus, and comprehensive intrusion detection.

5nine Manager

5nine Manager

Manage the virtual environment while providing fault tolerance and high availability.

Veeam Backup and Replication

Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam delivers powerful and efficient VM backup, fast and flexible recovery, and advanced VM replication.

SMBs, enterprises and service providers can all benefit from the risk
mitigation that that 5nine Software and Veeam collectively provide:


Benefit from an all-in-one, approach
to Hyper-V security, management and availability. Seamless integration between the solutions enables you to do more with less.


Reduce risk while also reducing vendors, interfaces, contracts and complexity. The combined solution scales to any size datacenter and integrates with SCVMM to extend existing investment.


Have peace of mind that your customers' virtual resources are protected and easily managed. Earn additional revenue by providing security as a service (SECaaS) to your clients.

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    Protect and Manage your Microsoft Hyper-V Infrastructure with 5nine & Veeam

    This webinar explains how IT pros can be successful in deploying and managing High-Availability infrastructures from a unified console using 5nine Manager.

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  • Business continuity for service providers

    Business Continuity for Service Providers with Veeam and 5nine

    This webinar provides best practices for keeping your Hyper-V datacenter healthy, and your tenants' VMs secure and continually available.

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