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5nine Web Application Firewall

Video presentation of Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • 5nine Web Application Firewall delivers proactive defense for IIS web servers and prevents application-level attacks from exploiting server vulnerabilities.
  • Protect network weak points created by lapses in patch management, configuration errors and the use of new and progressive attack techniques.

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Starting at $649/Web Server

A simple snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) makes it exceptionally easy-to-use and eliminates the need for additional heavy software installation. At the same time it uses unique filtering technologies based on a configurable adaptive behavior-based engine to block unwanted IIS traffic and web application threats. Ensure enterprise-grade, multi-layered protection and compliance (PCI DSS) for IIS (versions 5 - 8.5). Let your mission-critical applications and sensitive information stay under full control!


Secure your mission-critical web applications

5nine WAF web application defense capabilities are designed to address the most critical web server and application security flaws. Achieve business continuity and availability of your applications 24/7!

Protect your data

Be assured that all of your sensitive business data stays fully protected. With the configurable rules-based control over HTTP/HTTPS request methods, 5nine Web Application Firewall minimizes all possible risk of data theft.

Achieve business continuity

With the help of 5nine WAF, reduce the risk of possible DoS and DDoS attacks in order to achieve high service availability and business continuity.

Enforce security compliance

Achieve the required level of protection for your IIS web servers in order to be compliant with a number of PCI-DSS and Sarbanes-Oxley security standards.

Unsurpassed protection from both existing and emerging threats

5nine WAF provides protection from an array of documented exploitive techniques, including SQL Injection, Denial of Service, Cross Site-Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF).

Breakthrough combination of advanced techno

5nine WAF delivers proactive defense for IIS and prevents attacks from exploiting web application vulnerabilities through a complementary set of integrated components.

State-of-the-Art Web Application Firewall

Provides configurable rules-based control over HTTP/HTTPS request methods (OPTIONS, GET, POST, HEAD), URL paths, URL query string length, and HTTP request headers as well as rule-specific URL/s exclusion capabilities, URL encoding support and regular expression support for parameter rules/filtering, etc.

Behavior-based intrusion prevention

An adaptive behavior-based engine (with sensitivity control) analyzes Web traffic patterns to detect new threats and behavioral anomalies and deviations.


Configurable request frequency monitor blocks successive requests to individual or all site pages to reduce the risk of DoS and DDoS attacks.

Extensive administrative control

The 5nine WAF management console reduces cost and overhead by providing administrators with granular control over configuration settings, trusted and untrusted event management, rule and signature definition, blocked IPs, alert notification and the sensitivity level of behavioral engine for single or multiple server environments.

Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012/2012 R2 support.

IIS 5 - 8.5 support.

Unparalleled affordability and ease of use

Implemented as a native module in IIS8+ and IIS 7 (or ISAPI extension or filter in IIS 6 and IIS 5 respectively), and snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), 5nine WAF is exceptionally easy to use and affordably priced for enterprises of any size.

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System Requirements

5nine Web Application Firewall (5nine WAF) is compatible with the following Windows IIS Servers (both physical and virtualized):

  • IIS 8.0/8.5 (Windows Server 2012/R2 / Windows 8, x86/x64)
  • IIS 7.0/7.5 (Windows Server 2008/R2 x86/x64)
  • IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003 - x86/x64)
  • IIS 5.0 (Windows Server 2000)
  • NET framework 2.0 or later (for SQL Server)
  • Install 5nine WAF using an account with administrative privileges
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