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5nine Smart Firewall for Azure

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure

Simplify and streamline management of your Azure firewall


Virtual machines hosted in a public cloud are vulnerable to hackers, malicious code and unwanted network traffic unless sufficiently isolated by firewalls. 5nine’s Smart Firewall for Azure significantly reduces the amount of time and steps needed to securely isolate and protect your virtual machines.

Why 5nine Smart Firewall for Azure for Microsoft Cloud

Simplify the Creation of Firewall Rules

Create inbound/outbound rules quickly and accurately with pre-built templates, reducing the risk of errors and necessary rework in Azure environments.

Meet Compliance Requirements

One-step, automated log gathering and retention enable you to save logs in Syslog or export them to SPLUNK and other SIEM systems.

Streamline Firewall Configuration

Apply firewall rules in a single step instead of using complex scripts or navigating through multiple groups and rule forms in the Azure portal.

Discover Anomalies Faster

View and manage firewall log data from a centralized console and export logs to quickly analyze the data.

Straightforward OMS Alert Configuration

Define queries and set thresholds to easily configure and manage Azure firewall alerts in OMS.

Hybrid Cloud Firewall Management

Configure firewall rules and view log data across Azure and Hyper-V. Includes support for multi-tenant profiles.

How 5nine Smart Firewall for Azure Differentiates

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure is the only Microsoft Azure firewall management console that allows you to easily manage Azure and Hyper-V firewall rules together in a single cohesive solution.

how 5nine hardens security for VMs

Harden Your Virtual Machines Across Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure

Your VMs may not be as secure as you think. This white paper explains how hypervisor-level security fills the gaps you didn’t know you had.



“Configuring firewall rules for each individual virtual machine in Azure is a daunting project and prone to human error. 5nine Smart Firewall for Azure enables organizations to complete firewall configuration tasks in a fraction of the time.”

– Morgan Holm,
VP of Product Management, 5nine Software

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