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5nine Smart Firewall for Azure

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Create. Manage. Maintain.

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure is an intuitive application that creates, maintains and manages inbound/outbound traffic rules for virtual machines in Azure.



View, Save, Export and Analyze Firewall Log Data

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure enables you to archive, analyze and audit Azure firewall logs. View firewall logs within our centralized console or export them to other systems such as vfw, xls, csv or html files, along with other file formats. Each log record provides rich detail such as time, rule name, action, protocol, source, target, destination, address and destination port.

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure allows you to control how many records are visible in each view, giving you the flexibility you need to manage logs and analyze data according to your needs and standard operating procedures.

Configure OMS Alerts From a Centralized Console

Integration with the Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) allows you to configure OMS email alerts from the 5nine Smart Firewall interface. These alerts proactively notify you of suspicious activity, such as unknown http traffic or firewall policy changes, or potential errors, such as 404 status codes, based on your pre-defined parameters.

Our centralized console allows you to create your own customized alerts, including subject line and distribution list, ensuring all necessary parties are made aware of potential errors or security breaches before they impact operations.

Create Azure Firewall Rules From Pre-Built Templates

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure provides rule templates that enable you to consistently apply firewall rules to security groups in your Azure environment. Simply select from a list of pre-configured rules to automatically populate field values with parameters like protocol, destination port and priority, while retaining the ability to make changes based on your environment’s exact specifications.

Configure Azure Firewall Rules in a Single Step

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure enables you to create inbound and outbound traffic rules in a single step, dramatically saving time and resources. Simply populate field values such as adapter, priority, rule name, description, action, direction, source port range, source/destination port range, protocol and remote IP to quickly and easily create new rules.

Increase Visibility Into Azure Usage and Spending

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure allows you to seamlessly review your Azure subscription status, usage, and billing summary from within our easy-to-use interface. Pinpoint the exact criteria or event you are looking for with data range controls.

Automated Azure Firewall Log Retention

According to standing regulations, Azure firewall logs must be retained separately from the server in which they are generated. This is typically a complex and multistep process when done manually through the Azure portal. Pre-built integration between 5nine Smart Firewall for Azure and 5nine Cloud Security, however, enables your Azure firewall logs to be automatically retained and exported, allowing you to easily meet compliance requirements and greatly simplifying the overall retention process.

Here’s how it works. The 5nine Smart Firewall for Azure pulls in your firewall log data and then securely passes it to the 5nine Cloud Security application. This application then exports the data to syslog, Splunk, or your SIEM or UEBA system of choice.

Network Traffic Trends and Advanced Anomaly Analysis

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure includes the ability to monitor traffic trends, such as peak usage times, and anomaly detection, when purchased with 5nine Cloud Security or through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The system detects abnormal heuristics and behavior using machine learning to measure resource usage against historic baselines. Advanced AI algorithms continually monitor your system for anomalies and deviations. Built-in alerting and reporting provides you with the real-time, detailed information you need to identify potential attacks and suspicious activity.

Under the Hood

Simplified Log Management

Conveniently view, save, export and analyze firewall log data

One-Step Firewall Rule Creation

Create new Azure firewall rules in a single step

Predefined Firewall Rule Definitions

Create Azure firewall rules from pre-built templates

Receive Important Real-Time Alerts

Configure OMS alerts from a centralized console

Solve Compliance Mandates

Meet compliance mandates with Azure firewall log retention and analysis

Monitor Azure From One Location

Gain increased visibility of Azure spending and usage

5nine Smart Firewall for Azure, Getting Started Guide


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Take a closer look at 5nine Smart Firewall for Azure inside the Getting Started Guide. Learn how to use the application with ease.



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