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5nine Manager

5nine Manager

Mission Control for Your Microsoft Cloud
Administer. Manage. Monitor. Recover.


Managing your datacenter can be expensive, time-consuming and labor intensive. 5nine Manager leads the way in management, monitoring, recovery and administration of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Simplify datacenter management from a cost-effective, single access point.


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Improve efficiency, availability and administration throughout your Microsoft Cloud infrastructure.


“5nine Manager has significantly reduced the time we would spend searching for VMs by 75%. Tasks that would have taken us an hour to carry out before, can now be completed in a fraction of the time. This delivers a major boost in team performance.”

Ken Enginger, Senior Systems Engineer, Cerner Corporation

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Cloud Management Made Easy

Host, cluster and virtual machine management is centralized across your datacenter so you save time, reduce costs and remove complexity.

  • Centrally create, configure, and manage virtual machines across all servers
  • Resource library and templates enable you to quickly provision and set up workloads
  • Dynamic Optimization automatically improves resource usage for better performance
  • VM Load Balancing evenly distributes loads across hosts and clusters
  • Easily clone hosts and VMs to copy configuration settings or virtual machines

Centralized Performance Monitoring

Gain insight into business critical performance data and discover issues before they cause downtime. 5nine Manager proactively optimizes virtual network performance to maximize resource usage.

  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk and network across all hosts and virtual machines
  • Detailed dashboards with rich content enable you to quickly uncover issues
  • Historic baselines and archival technology maintains a detailed account of past performance

Migrate Virtual Machines at Lightning Speed

Dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to migrate virtual machines across hosts – our one-click capabilities simplify complicated migration projects so you save time and money.

  • Live migration lets you migrate active virtual machines without a hint of downtime
  • Quick migration enables you to migrate paused virtual machines at warp speed
  • Shared nothing migration keeps workloads running so your virtual network is always available

Enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery and Replication

5nine Manager’s simple and powerful suite of backup and replication capabilities ensure your virtual network is always available. Protect critical workloads with an all-in-one, cost-effective solution for backup and recovery.

  • Configure, manage and monitor failover clustering and replicas from a single console
  • Full and incremental backups provide the flexibility to protect data on your terms
  • Scheduled backups keep your critical workloads available and always up-to-date
  • Enterprise-grade encryption and compression maximizes security while minimizing your storage footprint
  • Recover virtual machines whenever disaster strikes to mitigate downtime or data loss

Lock Down Privileged Datacenter Access

Always have peace of mind knowing users and tenants have just the right level of access they need. Comprehensive controls ensure your datacenter maintains strict compliance and security standards for privileged administration.

  • Divide administrative management rights across servers and tenants for granular control of distributed resources
  • Support corporate security policies and legal requirements by using role-based access to determine how user types perform operations
  • Customized views for administrators, tenants and roles ensure only the right people have visibility into virtual resources

Under the Hood

Multi-Version Support

Different versions of Hyper-V can be managed centrally, like Windows Server 2012 and 2016


Quick Implementation

Automatic server detection and intuitive interface enable you to get started in no time

Scalable Architecture

Host agents provide scale for highly distributed and large environments


Simplified Networking

Supports management of SDN, virtual switches and MAC address pools

Automatic Server Detection

Active Directory is automatically searched for nodes and clusters


PowerShell Support

Command IDs provided after each successful operation to prevent administrative error

5nine Manager Comparison

Standard Datacenter
Disaster Recovery
Configurable Backup Compression and Encryption
Full and Incremental VM Backups
Scheduled Jobs
Vm Restores
Manage Backup Retention Policies
Multitenancy and RBAC
Create User and Tenants Wizard
Associate Manageble Objects to Tenants
Associate Permission to Roles
Admin, Tenant and User Views
Scaling for Distributed or Large Environments
Centralized Environments with 20 Hosts or Less
Server 2016 Network Controller Support (SDN)
Virtual Switch Management
MAC Address Pools
VM Operations - Lifecycle Management
Manage VM State
Create, Delete and Clone VMs
Import and Export VMs
Configure VM Settings
RDP Guest Console or Remote Desktop Gateway to VMs
Checkpoint Management
VM Replication
Enable Hosts and VMs for Replication
Manage Replication Settings
Replication Status
Virtualization Resource Monitoring
Host CPU, Memory, Disk and Network
VM CPU, Memory, Disk and Network
Host and VM Dashboards
Historical Data
Performance monitoring threshold alerts
VM Migration
VM Live Migration
VM Quick Migration
Shared Nothing VM Migration