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5nine Manager Plans and Pricing

5nine Manager

Plans and Pricing



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Disaster Recovery
Configurable Backup Compression and Encryption
Full and Incremental VM Backups
Scheduled Jobs
VM Restores
Manage Backup Retention Policies
Support for SMB Share
Azure Backup and Recovery
Multitenancy and RBAC
Create User and Tenants Wizard
Associate Manageable Objects to Tenants
Associate Permission to Roles
Admin, Tenant and User Views
Scaling for Distributed or Large Environments
Centralized Environments for Unlimited Hosts
Limited to 1 Host and 2 VMs
Server 2016 Network Controller Support (SDN)
Virtual Switch Management
MAC Address Pools
VM Operations – Lifecycle Management
Manage VM State
Create, Delete and Clone VMs
Import and Export VMs
Configure VM Settings
RDP Guest Console or Remote Desktop Gateway to VMs
Checkpoint Management
Summary Views of VMs
Resource Library (VM Templates, VHD(x)s, ISOs)
Status Report for Hosts and VMs
Logical View Grouping
Storage File Explorer
VM Replication
Enable Hosts and VMs for Replication
Manage Replication Settings
Replication Status
Replication Failover Testing
Extend Replication
Virtualization Resource Monitoring
Host CPU, Memory, Disk and Network
VM CPU, Memory, Disk and Network
Host and VM Dashboards
Historical Data
Performance Monitoring Threshold Alerts
Optimizer (Dynamic Optimization/ Load Balancing of VMs)
Capacity Planning
Event Log Email Alerts
VM Migration
VM Live Migration
VM Quick Migration
Shared Nothing VM Migration
Antivirus Addon

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