5nine Manager

Mission Control for Your Microsoft Cloud
Administer. Manage. Monitor. Recover.

Managing your datacenter can be expensive, time-consuming and labor intensive. 5nine Manager leads the way in management, monitoring, recovery and administration of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Simplify datacenter management from a cost-effective, single access point.

Why 5nine Manager for Microsoft Cloud

Increase Operational Efficiency

Unified management of virtual resources enables your team to complete more
work in less time

Eliminates Complexity, Saves Time

Our simple, easy-to-use interface empowers administrators of any skill level to work
quickly and efficiently

Strengthen Business Continuity

Built-in fault tolerance, replication, backup and recovery mitigate risk of downtime
and data loss

Maintain IT Agility and Independence

Support for software-defined networking (SDN) streamlines network infrastructures and enables vendor independence

Mitigate Unnecessary Security Risks

A role-based access model mitigates unauthorized users from making malicious or accidental changes

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Our centralized platform for administration, management, monitoring and recovery eliminates the need for multiple solutions

How 5nine Manager Differentiates

5nine Manager is the only platform to enable Hyper-V administration, management, monitoring and recovery from a single access point. Why pay for multi-point solutions, each with a different interface and learning curve, when you can have everything you need in a single package?

Ready to make 5nine Manager
solutions work for you?