5nine Manager Free Edition

Simplify Hyper-V Management, Monitoring and Capacity Planning
with a Powerful and Easy-to-use GUI

5nine Manager Free Edition Overview

  • Manage Windows Server 2016, Server Core 2016 and Hyper-V Server with a GUI
  • Manage Nano Server with a GUI
  • Manage any Microsoft hypervisor version from one console
  • Connect to all VMs with a Guest Connection View

5nine Manager Free Edition is a simplified version of 5nine Manager, the leading management and monitoring solution for Hyper-V, supporting up to two virtual machines on a single host. Our free Hyper V Manager provides the core functionality of 5nine Manager for small environments or test labs.

Learning or evaluating Hyper-V is easy with this simple solution. New users and VMware admins can easily make the transition to the Microsoft Cloud Platform.


Supports Hyper-V Server, Linux and UNIX, providing you with a License-Free Virtualization Solution

5nine Manager Free Edition supports all versions of Hyper-V, including the free Hyper-V Server. This enables customers that are using public Linux and UNIX distributions within their guest operating systems to have an entirely license-free virtualization solution. It also supports legacy versions of Hyper-V, dating back to Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, providing the only management option to a host that cannot be upgraded. Now you can reduce your costs as you virtualize your environment!

Provides an Easy-To-Use and Intuitive Design for Hyper-V Admins

5nine Manager Free Edition is designed exclusively for Hyper-V with the goal of providing a basic management experience for new or expert users. The lightweight design and small installation footprint make deployment quick and easy. 5nine Manager provides an intuitive layout so that anyone can quickly learn Hyper-V, especially VMware admins, as it has a clean design like vSphere to offer a familiar management experience.

Simplifies Management of Small Hyper-V Labs for Evaluation and Testing

For customers looking to simplify their small Hyper-V environment, 5nine Manager Free Edition provides the basic functionality to successfully evaluate or test Microsoft’s virtualization platform. 5nine Manager Free Edition allows you to manage up to two virtual machines on a single host. Its streamlined deployment makes evaluating Hyper-V a positive experience for those new to virtualization, and for experienced admins using Hyper-V for the first time. 5nine Manager Free Edition is a great solution for those that need management at no cost. Some of Microsoft’s internal test labs prefer to use 5nine rather than more complicated tools.

Offers the Only GUI for Nano Server Server Core and Hyper-V Server for PowerShell-Free Management

Microsoft recommends that you run your VMs on a Server Core, Nano Server or Hyper-V Server installation in order to improve security and reduce reboots. However, these versions of Hyper-V have no GUI, which makes configuration challenging unless you are experienced with PowerShell. 5nine Manager is the only solution with a full GUI that runs directly on the host, enabling local graphical management. Now you can easily perform necessarily Hyper-V tasks, such as configuring your host, accessing your VMs, and viewing the health of your virtualized system.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2012, 2012 Core, 2012 R2 & R2 Core, 2016, 2016 Core
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016
  • Windows 10 with Hyper-V role enabled
  • Windows 8.x with Hyper-V role enabled


.NET Framework 4.5 or higher

Note: Remote Management only allows management of different versions of Hyper-V hosts from one Windows Client.

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