5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V

Specifically designed and optimized for Microsoft Hyper-V

Virtual Firewall. Antivirus. Intrusion Detection. Anomaly Analytics.

5nine Cloud Security provides multilayered protection for every point of attack across your entire Microsoft Cloud environment.

Under the Hood


Built for the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud

Manage Microsoft Azure and
Hyper-V from the same console


Uses Hyper-V Extensible Switch and Virtual Router

Provides North-South and East-West protection for Hyper-V and SDN V2 environments


Agentless Architecture Boosts Performance

There’s no need to install software on the guest operating system


Quick and Easy Installation Process

You only need to install a couple of services and a management console


Optimized for High Availability

Cluster-based management supports disaster recovery and fault tolerance


Hypervisor-Level Functionality

Scan 70 times faster and reduce the load on hosts by up to 30%


Scales for Large and Complex Organizations

Management services run in parallel so changes can apply simultaneously


Uninterrupted and Continuous Protection

Settings are preserved even when virtual machines are shut down


Automatic and Immediate Protection

Predefined security rules are applied when new resources are connected

Cloud Security Features

Next-Generation Virtual Firewall 

Integrates virtual firewall controls and isolates traffic between all types of VMs, regardless of guest OS.

  • Configurable templates enable you to set up security policies through either the 5nine Console or SCVMM
  • Multitenancy support lets you isolate both individual VMs and specific VM groups
  • Advanced protection is provided at Hyper-V server’s parent partition level

Agentless Antivirus 

Agentless antivirus is located at the hypervisor level and leverages your choice of engine and signature database.

  • Access control prevents system administrators from disabling antivirus
  • Scanning technology performs incremental scans 70X faster than competitors while reducing load on the host by up to 30%
  • Agentless architecture and granular VM control makes managing host resources and avoiding antivirus storms a breeze
  • Network traffic scanning with active VM defense allows you to scan hard disk and guest partition memory
  • Centralized signature database is updated through a local proxy server so hosts are isolated from public networks
  • Intuitive interface provides the ability to configure and schedule scanning while excluding nonessential files and folders

360° Intrusion Detection System  

Our IDS technology leverages Cisco Snort for Business to analyze all suspicious traffic within the Hyper-V virtual switch.

  • Packet anomalies are immediately identified so you can quickly address issues that may represent attacks
  • North-South and East-West detection identifies both external and internal threats, where intrusions may pass between VMs

Advanced Anomaly Analysis

System detects abnormal heuristics and behavior using machine learning to measure resource usage against historic baselines.

  • Alerting and reporting provides the detailed information and real-time insight needed to identify potential attacks
  • Advanced AI algorithms are used to continuously monitor your system for anomalies and deviations

Smart Firewall for Microsoft Azure

Intelligent technology creates, maintains and manages inbound and outbound traffic rules within your Microsoft Cloud.

  • Firewall log data can be centrally viewed, saved and exported
  • Security rules can be created and applied in a single step
  • Pre-built templates enable you to apply firewall rules without any hassle
  • OMS alerts can be configured from the same console you use to manage Azure Security
  • Compliance requirements are easily met with advanced log retention and analysis
  • Azure spending and usage can be centrally monitored for more efficient resource utilization

>> Learn more about Smart Firewall for Microsoft Azure.

Choice of Web Console or Windows Client

Manage Microsoft Cloud security from the convenience of your web browser or by logging into a Windows Console, SCVMM Plugin or Azure Pack Portal. 

  • Firewall, antivirus and intrusion detection can be easily managed from a centralized dashboard
  • Manage virtual machines, hosts, VM groups and templates from an easy-to-use, tabbed interface
  • Advanced security management lets you add tenants, control permissions and customize admin roles in only a few clicks

>> Download 5nine Cloud Security Web Console

Seamless Integration with SCVMM

Manage your datacenter infrastructure and security in the same place. We make System Center operations easier and less expensive. 

  • Centrally manage security for all your virtual resources through Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • Security policies are automatically applied, which guarantee immediate protection for hosts and VMs
  • Enterprise scalability ensures that even the largest and most complex Hyper-V deployments can centralize management

>> Download SCVMM with Antivirus

Windows Azure Pack Extension

Enable your tenants to easily manage their own security policies while keeping your environment completely locked down. 

  • Generate new revenue by offering security as a service (SECaaS)
  • Grow your customer base by meeting compliance and regulation requirements
  • Protect your virtual infrastructure from internal, inbound and outbound threats
  • Offer non-invasive protection for tenants with centralized security administration

>> Download Windows Azure Pack Extension

SDNv2 Support

5nine Cloud Security can be configured as a virtual router and managed by a network controller to protect the infrastructure with a virtual firewall, agentless antivirus, intrusion detection, network anomaly detection, deep packet inspection and network analytics with granular user access control.

  • 5nine Cloud Security is comprehensive and eliminates the need to deploy multiple SDN security solutions
  • Automatically and immediately protect networks and virtual machines added to your software-defined environment
  • Achieve compliance throughout your virtual network by implementing a unified solution that address multiple mandates

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