5nine Cloud Security


Firewall Security Features

Virtual Firewall
Configurable Rule Templates
Multitenancy Support for Individual VMs and Groups of VMs
Protection at Parent Partition Level
Option of ThreatTrack Antivirus
Option of Bitdefender Antivirus
Advanced Agentless Scanning
Network Traffic Scanning
Centralized Signature Database
Intrusion Detection System 
Cisco Snort for Business Subscription
Packet Anomaly Detection
Detection of Threats Passed Between VMs
 Anomaly Detection 
Real-Time Alerting and Reporting
Intelligent Baselining that Uses Machine Learning
 Azure Firewall Rule and Log Management 
Advanced Log Management
One-Step Security Rule Creation
Pre-Built and Configurable Rule Templates
OMS Alert Integration
SIEM Integration and Log Retention
Resource Usage Dashboard
 System Center Virtual Machine Manager Integration 
Centralized Infrastructure and Security Management
Easy-To-Use GUI Plugin
Windows Azure Pack 
One-Click Firewall with Templates for Tenant Management
One-Click Network Scanner for Tenant Network Insight
One-Click Intrusion Detection for Simple Tenant Setup
Email Notifications for Alerting Tenants of Possible Threats
Protection from Internal, Inbound and Outbound Threats
Agentless Antivirus for Tenants
Automatic Signature Updates
Hybrid Cloud Ready
SDNv2 Support
Hyper-V Extensible Switch-Based Technology
Agentless Architecture
Hypervisor-Level Functionality
Scales for Any Size Organization
Optimized for High Availability
Continuous Protection
Automatic and Immediate VM protection

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