5nine Cloud Manager Free

NEW 5nine Cloud Manager FREE

for Hyper-V and Azure

The Ultimate Free Hybrid Cloud Management Solution

Cloud Manager FREE for Hyper-V and Azure provides a simple solution for VM and host management. With Cloud Manager FREE, you can easily clone and migrate VMs within a cluster, create and restore backups and monitor the health of your system anytime, anywhere.

  Product Overview 

5nine Cloud Manager FREE is a simple platform that delivers FREE Hyper-V Management for 1 host and up to 5 VMs and FREE Azure Management for 1 subscription and up to 5 VMs.

With 5nine Cloud Manager FREE, you can:

  • Manage virtual resources across your cloud environments from a single, centralized console
  • Protect critical workloads with a powerful suite designed for backup, recovery and replication
  • Centralize monitoring and reporting with real-time performance alerts and event log alarms
  • Automatically migrate virtual machines across hosts without the use of intrusive, performance-sapping agents

What's Inside - Backup, Recovery and Replication Features

5nine Cloud Manager FREE simplifies backup, recovery and replication to ensure your virtual networks are always available.

  • Easily clone VMs to quickly deploy identical copies without having to navigate a host file system or locate configuration files
  • Protect data on your terms with full and incremental backups locally, to Azure or to alternate sites via extended replication
  • Live migrate active VMs without downtime and up to 35% faster than competing solutions

VM Lifecycle Management Features

5nine Cloud Manager Free accelerates VM operations across your Microsoft Cloud for up to 5 Hyper-V VMs and 5 Azure VMs so you could get more work done in less time.

  • Effortlessly view, consolidate and manage virtual resources across your cloud environments from a single, logical tree
  • Right-size VMs to avoid over provisioning and ensure optimal performance and  maximum resource efficiency
  • Quickly set up, provision and monitor workloads with built-in templates and resource library

Monitoring Features

5nine Cloud Manager Free provides total visibility into your Hyper-V infrastructure and allows you to identify issues before they cause downtime and major disturbances.

  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk and network utilization across hosts, VMs and clusters and view recent alerts by object or alarm type
  • Measure performance values, notification thresholds and overall performance trends via linear approximation of parameter values
  • Easily identify areas where improvements can be made so you can fine tune your cloud infrastructure

Supported Environments

Machine Requirements

  • Windows 2016 VM or Physical Server
  • .NET Framework of 4.6.2 on all Machines
  • x64 Processor, 4 cores minimum
  • Minimum of 8 GB RAM

Account Requirements

  • Local Administrator rights on the Management Service VM
  • Local Administrator rights on each Hyper-V Host

Have More Than 1 Host or 5 Azure VMs?
5nine Cloud Manager is the Right Solution for You!