5nine Cloud Manager Free

5nine Cloud Manager Free

The ultimate hybrid cloud management solution
for small environments, labs and administrators
new to Hyper-V or Azure

5nine Cloud Manager Free Overview

  • Free Hyper-V Management for 1 host and up to 5 VMs
  • Free Azure Management for 1 subscription and up to 2 VMs
  • Simplify VM and host management
  • Streamline backup and replication
  • Centralize monitoring and reporting
  • Accelerate cloud migrations

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

5nine Cloud Manager Free simplifies backup, recovery and replication for small Microsoft Cloud environments.

  • Clone VMs
  • Create and restore VM backups
  • Live migrate Hyper-V VMs (within a cluster)

VM Lifecycle Management

5nine Cloud Manager Free accelerates VM operations across your Microsoft Cloud for up to 5 Hyper-V VMs and 2 Azure VMs.

  • Track VM sprawl and detect zombie VMs
  • Export reports to Excel, PDF & IMG
  • Right-size VM’s for maximum resource efficiency


Centralize resource monitoring across small Microsoft Cloud environments and receive real-time performance alerts.

  • Real-time host CPU, memory, disk & network monitoring
  • Configure alerts and e-mail notifications
  • Review event log alarms

Feature Matrix


 5nine Cloud Manager Feature Comparison Cloud Manager Cloud Manager Free
VM Operations – Lifecycle Management
Manage VM State
Create, Delete and Clone VMs
Import VMs to Azure
Configure VM Settings
RDP Guest Console or Remote Desktop Gateway to VMs
Checkpoint Management *
Summary Views of VMs
Resource Library (VM Templates, VHD(x)s, ISOs) *
Storage File Explorer *
Hyper-V Hosts
Local and Remote Hyper-V Hosts   1 Host + 5 VMs Limitation
Windows Clusters  *  1 Cluster + 5 VMs Limitation
Default Folders  *  
Remote Desktop Gateway Configuration  *  
Migration Configuration  *  
Replication Configuration *  
Disaster Recovery

Configurable Backup 

Storage Compression

Storage Encryption

Full VM Backup

Incremental VM Backups with Change Block Tracking

Scheduled Jobs

VM Restores


Manage Backup Retention Policies


Support for SMB Share


Backup to Azure

Virtualization Resource Monitoring
Real-Time Host CPU, Memory, Disk and Network *
Host and VM Dashboards
Historical Data
Performance Monitoring Threshold Alerts
CSV Volume Monitoring and Alerts *
Optimizer (Dynamic Optimization/ Load Balancing of VMs) *
Event Log Email Alerts
Administration / RBAC
Create User and Tenants Wizard *
Assign Local AD Users / Groups *
Unlimited Users / Tenants * 1 User Limitation
Associate Manageable Objects to Tenants *
Associate Permission to Roles *
Admin, Tenant and User Views *
Scaling for Distributed and Large Environments
SSL Encrypted Connections
Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Create and Manage Network Controller *
Create and Management Logical and Virtual Networks *
Create Network Interface *
Add/Remove SDN Endpoints *
Virtual Switch Management *
Create and Manage Load Balancer MUX
MAC Address Pools *
VM Replication
Enable Hosts and VMs for Replication *
Manage Replication Settings *
Replication Status *
Replication Failover Testing *
Extend Replication *
VM Migration
VM Live Migration *
VM Quick Migration *
Shared Nothing VM Migration *
Azure Site Recovery / Replication
High CPU *
Low CPU *
Zombie VM Detection *
Top VM by IOPS *
Dyn Mem VM Usage *
Static Mem VM Usage *
VM Sprawl Report *
VHD/VHDX Not Attached *
CSV Volume Usage *
Additional Azure Features
Multi-Subscription Support 1 Subscription Limitation
Import Hyper-V to Azure
Change VM Azure Size for Scaling
Azure VM 5 Azure VMs Included by Default 2 Azure VMs Limitation

* Not Available or Applicable to Azure

† Not Available or Applicable to Hyper-V  

Special MSP pricing available. Contact Sales to learn more.

System Requirements

Machine Requirements

  • Windows 2016 VM or Physical Server
  • .NET Framework of 4.6.2 on all Machines
  • x64 Processor, 4 cores minimum
  • Minimum of 8 GB RAM

Account Requirements

  • Local Administrator rights on the Management Service VM
  • Local Administrator rights on each Hyper-V Host

Note: Please check existing Firewalls for access to TCP Port 5671

Have more than 1 Host or 2 Azure VMs and you’re looking to simplify, centralize and secure your Microsoft Cloud? 5nine Cloud Manager Full Edition is the right solution for you!