The 5nine Platform Unifies Management and Security Operations Across All Cloud Infrastructures

Public Cloud

Your transition to the public cloud
should be seamless and secure

Private Cloud

Simplify, centralize and secure
multi-tenant environments

Hybrid Cloud

Achieve scale and agility
without losing control and security

Customizable Modules for Every Step of the VM Lifecycle


Accelerate your
transition to the Microsoft Cloud


Manage private and
public cloud lifecycles in one place


Monitor, optimize and
alert on performance in real time


Automatically backup
and restore cloud


Prevent, detect and
remove cloud security threats

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Administration, management, monitoring and recovery from a single access point

5nine Manager is a Microsoft Cloud management, monitoring and availability application that provides advanced administrative control over users, tenants and roles. Users are given a unified view of all the resources they are assigned and are only able to execute operations according to their role definition. The solution’s intuitive interface not only centralizes hosts and virtual machine (VM) visibility across sites, it unifies frequently-used lifecycle operations like create, migrate, checkpoint and delete.


Agentless virtual firewall, intrusion detection and anti-malware

5nine Cloud Security is a unified security and compliance solution that is specifically designed to address every Hyper-V security vulnerability across every virtual resource. With 5nine Cloud Security’s patent-pending technologies, you can automatically and immediately protect every VM.


Migrate to Hyper-V, Azure or Amazon Web Services

5nine V2V Easy Converter quickly, easily and non-invasively migrates virtual machines to private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Built on a non-intrusive, agentless architecture, 5nine V2V Easy Converter enables automated migrations of virtual machines to Hyper-V, AWS and Azure. Our low-cost, ease-of-use, and agentless deployment model ensures you complete your migration project on time and under budget.

5nine Manager is a technically balanced solution. It adds functionality to the  standard Hyper-V management. We like easy configuration of the solution and 5nine technical support. We cut the time for VM management and monitoring and get more time for other important tasks.
Alexander Sivachev
It’s crazy not to consider 5nine. When we started looking at Hyper-V tools, 5nine was the only game in town for agentless antivirus. I think companies need to definitely look very hard at 5nine before they spend a lot more money. It will give them everything they need, especially for small and medium environments... I’ve got no plans to use anything else.
Dave Neal
Konica Minolta


Free Cloud Management

5nine Cloud Manager Free is the ultimate hybrid cloud management solution for small environments, labs and administrators new to Hyper-V or Azure. Download today to simplify management, monitoring, backup and more!

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