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5nine P2V Hyper-V and VMware Planner

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Enterprise P2V Migration Planning and Workload Optimization Solution.

Hyper-V or VMware?

P2V Planner automatically discovers all the elements of your data center and collects information about existing hardware and its utilization, as well as application workloads. It then performs sophisticated analysis of the data collected in order to present to you several migration plans for both Hyper-V and VMware platforms, optimized according to business requirements, cost, ROI, current or additional hardware required, etc. 5nine P2V Planner allows to create and compare Hyper-V and VMware P2V Migration plans side-by-side from technology and TCO/ROI standpoint, thus provides an ability to make a right choice of Virtualization technology to use for your data center consolidation.


Features and Benefits:

  • Automated P2V Migration Planning – Performs sophisticated analysis of the current data center and provides multiple Hyper-V and VMware migration plans depending on particular enterprise requirements. Optimized placement of virtualized workloads is based on business requirements, technology (memory, storage and CPU utilization, security) and TCO/ROI.
  • Side-by-Side comparison of Hyper-V and VMware Migration plans – Enables creation and Side-by-Side comparison of VMware and Hyper-V Virtualization migration plans, taking into consideration software licensing costs, actual memory and CPU utilization, clustering, average consolidation ratios, host memory and storage overhead required for both Virtualization technologies.
  • Simple-to-Use – The product was designed to be used for projects of all sizes - from small virtualization pilot or SMB projects to large enterprise projects with hundreds of servers, hosts and virtual machines (VMs). Non-intrusive, simple installation requires only minutes to deploy and start using the product. In addition, the intuitive wizard-driven interface requires minimal training for data center administrators and managers.
  • Enterprise Options – Provides multiple migration plans depending on particular enterprise requirements. Optimized placement of virtualized workloads is based on business requirements, technology (memory, storage, CPU utilization, security) and TCO/ROI.
  • Integrated Comprehensive Reporting - P2V Planner creates a variety of technology assessment, workload and TCO/ROI reports for each Hyper-V and/or VMware migration plan, for easy comparison and decision making. The list of reports includes:
    • - Summary: migration results report
    • - Hardware consolidation report
    • - TCO/ROI reports
    • - Workload and utilization report
    • - Migration Plans Comparison report
    • - Electrical power consumption savings report
    • - Disaster recovery savings report
    • - Data center administration savings report
    • - Data center storage report
    • - Virtual Infrastructure costs report
  • Ongoing Value – Whether your P2V migration project is complete or ongoing, the Planner continues to provide value by optimizing workloads and resource utilization in a virtualized data center.

Subsequent releases of the product will also support actual P2V Migration in accordance with the P2V migration plans created.

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