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5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V

Please note: this product is supported only as part of a professional services engagement.

Today's Hyper-V backup solutions are typically costly and isolated solutions that aren't easy to integrate with other Hyper-V cloud management solutions.

Hosting companies, cloud providers, and enterprises using Hyper-V Private Cloud asked us for a simple, fully scriptable and cost effective tool that performs backup and restore. The new 5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V is the tool you have been waiting for.

The newly released 5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V is a part of 5nine Cloud Manager for Hyper-V that includes 5nine Cloud Backup, Monitor, Anti-Virus and Virtual Firewall for Hyper-V.

5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V is a highly scalable, fast, easy to use and cost effective backup and replication solution designed specifically for Hyper-V Private Clouds.

Features include:

  • Fully Scriptable, with PowerShell API, so the backup system could be easily integrated into Cloud Providers control panel and for end user recovery, as well as any other Cloud Management applications (read API documentation here).
  • 5nine Cloud Monitor for Hyper-V runs on Server 2008 R2/SP1, Server 2008 R2 Core and FREE Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2/SP1.
  • Operate at the Host level, not the Guest level, allowing for image-based backups that don't impact running virtual machines or their applications.
  • Employs Microsoft VSS to ensure that guest OS and VSS-supported application data has backup integrity and allowing you to perform backups anytime, without having a dedicated backup window.
  • Ability to restore an entire VM, similar to a bare metal restore.
  • Support for up to a 16 node Hyper-V clusters with hundreds of VMs and CSVs.
  • Includes a centralized Backup Management console, even at the lowest license level.

For a limited time, a FREE version of 5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V is also available. Its only limitation is that it is limited to sequential backup and restore of virtual machines and doesn’t offer an API.

Server virtualization can dramatically simplify backup and disaster recovery. This is the chance that organizations of all size have been waiting for. It's time to rethink your disaster recovery and data protection strategy!

5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V is much easier to use and less expensive than legacy tools. By providing data protection and disaster recovery of the virtual infrastructure you will protect your investment in virtualization and save your company from disaster.

Unlike traditional file-based backups, 5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V provides image-based backup. This allows for quick recovery of an entire set of Virtual Machines on demand or at a scheduled time.

With the release of the new 5nine Backup, the 5nine Cloud Manager for Hyper-V suite now includes 5nine Virtual Firewall and Anti-Virus for Hyper-V, 5nine Cloud Monitor for Hyper-V and the new 5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V. The 5nine Cloud Manager for Hyper-V suite is the best choice you can use to create the most affordable, secure, and easy-to-maintain Hyper-V infrastructures, while still adhering to Microsoft Best Practices for free, core, and full installations of Hyper-V and Windows Server 2008 R2/R2 SP1.

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Pricing and Availability:

5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V can be purchased through web site, 5nine distributors, preferred resellers, and/or by contacting

5nine Cloud Backup for Hyper-V is currently priced at $99.00/managed server (host), independent of the socket amount. If purchased with 5nine Cloud Monitor – you'll get Cloud Backup for only $149.00/server (host).

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