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5nine Webinar

Date: Thursday, August 2, 1pm EST

Protect and Manage your Microsoft Hyper-V Infrastructure with Veeam & 5nine

It can be challenging to manage and secure all of your virtualized resources, especially for SMBs and mid-market customers that may not have dedicated virtualization and security specialists.

Join our webinar to hear from virtualization experts Symon Perriman (VP at 5nine Software and Hyper-V MVP) and Zane Allyn (Systems Engineer at Veeam Software) how any IT Pro can be successful in deploying and managing a high-availability infrastructure from a unified console using 5nine Manager.

  • Speaker:
  •  Symon Perriman, VP of Business Development, 5nine
     Zane Allyn, Systems Engineer at Veeam Software
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Greg Shields, MVP, vExpert
Senior Partner and Principal Technologist

Learn how you can secure your Hyper-V environment absolutely for FREE

Alexander Karavanov
Virtualization Security Engineer
5nine Software

5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V ver. 5.0

Alexander Karavanov
Virtualization Security Engineer
5nine Software

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