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5nine Webinar

Date: Wednesday, August 24, 11am EDT

Reinforce Your Datacenter Security and Compliance with 5nine Cloud Security v8

Legacy endpoint security solutions leave gaps in the protection of dynamic cloud environment where virtual machines, services and users are constantly changing.

5nine Cloud Security secures it and provides compliance with PCI DSS and SOX using:

  • Multi-tenant Hyper-V firewall with SPI/DPI filtering + Intrusion Detection System
  • Agentless Bitdefender, Kaspersky or ThreatTrack antivirus
  • Logging and event monitoring in the virtual environment.

At the webinar Morgan Holm, VP of Product Management, and Alex Karavanov, Director of Solutions Engineering at 5nine, will review the new features of 5nine Cloud Security version 8 briefly.

  • Speaker:
  •  Morgan Holm, VP of Product Management, 5nine
     Alex Karavanov, Director of Solutions Engineering, 5nine
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Greg Shields, MVP, vExpert
Senior Partner and Principal Technologist

Learn how you can secure your Hyper-V environment absolutely for FREE

Alexander Karavanov
Virtualization Security Engineer
5nine Software

5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V ver. 5.0

Alexander Karavanov
Virtualization Security Engineer
5nine Software

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